Member since 2020

MHK are a buying and business services organisation, and we exist to support our members and help them grow their businesses. We are not a supplier, we are on the side of our retail members, but we do work closely with many suppliers of furniture, appliances, sinks, lighting and other services.

We were founded in Germany 40 years ago, and have 3300 members operating 5100 showrooms across 9 European countries, but we only came to the UK in 2018 and prefer a face to face approach so we can get to know our potential members business.

Our members enjoy significant cashflow benefits from our 30 days payment terms, with early settlement, and access to buying terms that are negotiated based on the combined spending power of all of our members across Europe. Our combined turnover is more than €6billion, so that brings with it significant negotiating power we use for the benefit of members.