Design Rationale

I have created a sleek, handleless look for Mr & Mrs Gilbert, as required, by using a bank and an island. I have also hidden the boiler into a tall cabinet to keep the straight lines and ‘chic’ look using a space tower with top two drawers removed for the boiler space. This makes this unit still very useable with internal drawers.

By adding a kink into the island unit, I have created additional space into the room without encroaching into the other side of the room, but still keeping good practice distances between working spaces.

Having the induction hob on the right hand of the island side is zoning the cooking area with the ovens to one side of the room. This leaves the wet and prep zones towards the other end. This means the clients can work together in the space doing separate things.

Bringing the kitchen furniture into the dining and lounge area, ties the room into one which will be great for the family entertaining guests, and keeping an eye out for their small children, all in the same space, this is also why I have incorporated a breakfast bar so friends and family can be in the kitchen whilst dinner is being prepared.

Adding open shelving, which wraps around the patio doors keeps a sleek look but more like furniture in the kitchen, again so all of the different areas tie together. This also makes good use of space for additional storage.

Having storage around the dining table and TV area is added again for more storage for the children mainly. As this room will be used the most, there is additional storage for children’s toys and cutlery including wall units around the dining area that aren’t accessible to the children for Mr & Mrs Gilberts best crockery - which usually doesn’t come out very often. Again, creating this frame around the dining area, still allows the table to be extended.

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