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The brief from the client included;

  • A room which incorporated space for a dining table as there was no separate dining room within the property.
  • Some breakfast bar seating for a minimum of 3 people.
  • The client specifically asked for Black Quartz surfaces with mirror shards.
  • A contemporary look but not clinical.
  • Raised appliances were preferred.
  • Good sized cooling appliances.
  • The room would be for entertaining guests and they wanted to reflect that within the design.
  • The client asked that we be mindful of the change in ceiling height within the room when completing the design.
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The proposal presented to the client included a large feature island which was designed to be the focal point of the room. This provided a flexible preparation and cooking space as well as a social hub.

A variety of different materials were used to provide interest and individuality including upholstered panels, timber, glass, painted fascias and Quartz. Attention was paid to how the island would look from all angles, both from seated and standing positions and special care was taken to plan how these different materials would interlink.

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As well as a focal point feature pendant, lighting was incorporated on the plinth line of the island as well as within the island itself. This lighting is concealed behind a bespoke, frosted glass panel positioned within the island worktop and comprises of LED lights on a dimmer switch. Further lighting was incorporated both above and below the narrow wall cabinets to highlight the double height ceiling and add additional interest.

As the client preferred raised appliances and due to the existing door positions, tall curved units were incorporated to help soften the tall unit sides. Concave units to the inner corners complemented the convex ends.

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To further meet the client’s requirements for an entertainment space, a custom drinks cabinet was incorporated within one of the concave corner units which included mirror rears, lighting on a motion sensor, glass top as a preparation area and internal curved pull out unit. In particular, careful planning was required for this in respect of how the unit was assembled as it included so many feature elements and inflexible materials such as the glass and mirrors.

Agreed budget value for this project was £100,000.00 including vat.

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