My customers are a professional young couple with two small children. They needed a lasting kitchen design to withstand the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

We started designing the initial layouts in 2017 as the families 8 meter extension was being built into an enormous open plan living space. We had a blank canvas to fill with ideas that needed to optimise storage for the families needs whilst still creating their desired sophisticated aesthetic. Their main focus was to find a balance between having a kitchen that did not overpower the living and dining areas whilst creating something more than the conventional bank of units across the back wall. This in mind they needed advice on how to separate and designate the usable spaces for all of the family.

We decided to use tall units either side of the sink run to end the working kitchen area nicely. With the tall units for appliances one end, we then added a large storage larder the other-side to create a visual balance. Internals such as dovetail drawers and spice racks were added to optimise storage. We deliberated whether to continue this run of units along the full back wall. We all agreed this looked too overpowering and cluttered. I then designed a seating area with storage underneath and wardrobes opposite with hanging space for coats.

They both thought this was a great idea for utilising the space effectively and also helped break up the long run of units designed previously. The island was designed to be a statement, and the central place for everybody to socialise. The set of 3 drawer packs again made for useful storage as well as kept the consistency of the dovetail drawer boxes fitted into the storage larder unit.

The finished article has become the desired family hub with multiple storage spaces for all of the families needs.

Cost of Project: £38,263.97