Bedrooms and Internal Storage

Choice and originality are high on the agenda when it comes to choosing your bedroom furniture. Bedrooms come in all shapes and sizes – often with distinguishing features. Chimney breasts, sloping ceilings and uneven walls add character, but they can also cost valuable storage space.

Our specialist Kbsa retailers will redefine the living space for you, working with the room’s features to realise its true potential. Wall to wall, floor to ceiling, individually designed fitted furniture transforms even the most irregular bedroom.

An array of interior options are available for consumers to offer space saving solutions. Modular interiors in both front frame, full carcass and sliding wardrobes offer flexibility and fully utilise available space. House builders are building more ‘economically designed’ rooms. This has increased the market for fitted furniture in the bedroom.

People want to make the most of what they have and free standing furniture does not make the best of the available space. Retailers offer a variety of internal colour options to best compliment your room. Complete the inside of your wardrobes with slide out shoe trays, double hanging rails, adjustable shelves and optional accessories.

Colour trends include muted natural tones such as Mushrooms, Cream’s and Fudge colours. There is also a rise in Natural materials such as real wood veneers and textured realistic boards. Take a visit to any of the interior design or trade fairs this year and you’ll see this colour palette prevalent amongst vendors. Popular amongst vendors’ means in demand from customers, which means this will be one of the trends of 2014.