A hob is a crucial element to any kitchen and with technology constantly evolving and changing; there are some really exciting options to consider.

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Offering superb energy efficiency, induction hobs are responsive and easy to clean, whilst slick lines create a minimalist and stylish finish. As induction hobs operate at an incredible 90% energy efficiency, they are more environmentally friendly than other options, consuming half the electricity of the next most efficient hob and one third of the energy of a sealed electric plate hob.

As the hob surface only heats up when a pan is placed upon it, induction is a safe option for a busy home and is ideal if young children are present. With a range of Induction flexi-hobs now available which provide large, versatile cooking zones, capable of handling multiple pans of different sizes, induction hobs are proving an increasingly popular option.

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Gas hobs are often the choice of keen cooks due to the responsive visible controllability that cooking with direct flame offers.

There are a variety of gas hobs available including: stylish designer models, cast iron gas hobs and the increasingly popular gas on glass. These hobs are available in a range of colours and finishes and feature pan support that sit above a toughened, ergonomic glass surface.

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Ceramic hobs have a heating element that warms up the cooking zone beneath the toughened glass surface. They are easy to clean and can heat up to temperature very quickly in just under 3 seconds.

Ceramic hobs are easy to operate and require little maintenance and are therefore the ideal solution for those with busy lifestyles.