10 Simple Yet Effective Life Hacks For Organising Your Kitchen 31
Jul '19

Your kitchen is the heart of your home: keep it vibrant and well-organised, and your property will thrive. Remember, untidiness can damage the wonderful design and layout you have worked hard to achieve. 

Here are some of our favourite life hacks to ensuring your kitchen remains immaculately organised and fantastically efficient, without sacrificing on design or appearance.

1) Hang utensils above your cooker/hob

With a hook system over your hob, you’ll never have to take your eyes off your delicious home-cooked stew or spaghetti bolognese. Instead of walking across the kitchen, frantically trying to find the spatula or serving spoon, you can simply reach above your head.

This kitchen storage technique is also a lifesaver in terms of adding extra space to your worktops.

2) Choose a hollow kitchen island

Kitchen islands and peninsulas add an extra dimension to your kitchen design, as well as extra space for culinary and social activity. But have you ever considered opting for a hollow island?

This particular type of island is perfect for a small kitchen design, offering an abundance of extra kitchen storage in the form of shelves and/or drawers. 

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3) Over the sink chopping board

An over-the-sink chopping board ticks two boxes: it decreases mess and saves space.

By chopping your meat and vegetables on a board that covers your sink, you are not sacrificing valuable counter space, and the sink can also collect any spillages before you put them in the bin. 

You can pick up an over-the-sink cutting board, equipped with a colander, from Amazon.

4) Expanding your shelves

One shelf can easily become two or three if you add an extra layer to them. Make the most of all of the vertical space offered by your kitchen storage and you’ll reap the benefits immediately.

Shelf inserts are available from as little as £4.57 from Amazon.

5) A tip from the supermarket

Use the same technique as the supermarket by putting new groceries behind older ones. That way, you reduce the chance of food wastage or having to rummage around in the cupboards, snaking your hand between products. 

No longer will you find out-of-date food at the back of your fridge or kitchen cabinets!

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6) Store pans sideways

Fed up of clanging your pots and pans together as you reach into the cupboard to try and find the one you need, which for some reason, always manages to find its way to the back of the cabinet?

Storing pans sideways, as opposed to on top of one another, is an often overlooked technique that can add extra storage and reduce the headache caused by temporarily losing the pan you need.

7) Use a tablet instead of paper

Have you got loads of recipes, shopping lists and reminders scattered around your kitchen? It’s time to embrace technology and save space!

A tablet device in your kitchen can offer everything you have written down at the click of a button. This will give your kitchen a cleaner, tidier and more contemporary feel.

8) Tupperware container organiser

Do you have a cupboard full of Tupperware boxes but barely any lids to match them with? You’re not alone! But fear not, Amazon offers a Tupperware organiser that “keeps lids upright and ready (to be found).”

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9) Store your knives on the wall

While knife blocks look lovely and rustic, they can take up valuable countertop space, particularly in small kitchens.

This is what makes a magnetic knife bar so effective - it keeps your sharp collection safely out of the way, while always within arm’s reach.

10) Ask for help from the experts

Followed our 9 life hacks but still looking for additional space and functionality in your kitchen? Maybe it’s time you considered a renovation…

Find your nearest expert Kbsa retailer to make the first step towards your dream kitchen.

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