2020 Kitchen Trends To Look Out For From Our Expert Retailers 14
Jan '20

Explore the 2020 kitchen trends our expert, independent retailers will be offering their happy customers this year. From hidden storage to handless design features, will this be the year you transform your home?

1) Handleless Kitchens 

Modern kitchens centre on the seamless ease and aesthetics of minimalism: removing clutter and freeing yourself of stress and impracticality. 

Banishing kitchen handles is a superb new trend that allows for a streamlined, practical and beautiful kitchen. Take a look at this stunning handleless kitchen design from Kbsa member, Regal Kitchens, for instance.

With a choice of push-open handles or recessive handles, there is something to suit everyone’s needs when opting for a handleless kitchen. For more information on this 2020 home trend, check out this fantastic handless kitchen blog from Concept 17 or look at this wonderful project (below) from Regal Kitchens (below).

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2) Hidden Storage 

In line with minimalism is hidden kitchen storage. From concealed appliances to ceiling and floor cupboards, hidden storage can free up countertops to ensure an organised and tidy kitchen.

Nifty hidden storage can not only look tidier in your kitchen but also improve your organisation through maximising cabinet space, as you can see from this innovative kitchen layout from Design A Space Kitchens.

Check out our blog for more tips and tricks on how to effectively organise your kitchen. Kbsa member Dewhirst Kitchens have also written a fantastic piece on Kitchen Storage For Small Spaces.

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3) Statement taps 

Feature taps are a great way to add a subtle statement to your 2020 kitchen design. 

There are hundreds of taps available, but choosing one to catch people’s eye as well as blend with the rest of the kitchen can be difficult. However, you can rest assured that each of our expert Kbsa retailers will always be on hand to aid with planning, designing and installing your flawless 2020 kitchen.

After all, there’s a reason why 81% of Kbsa retailers’ customers give them a score of more than 4.5 out of 5.

If you’re looking for inspiration for your new kitchen fixtures, why not start with this gorgeously elegant design from Omni Home Design?

Gold is also a popular option when it comes to statement taps thanks to its timeless aesthetics and connotations of adding style and elegance to a room.

More and more people are choosing to opt for a boiling tap, which provides unlimited quantities of boiling water as well as a modern twist to the most-used kitchen fixtures. 

Find out more about boiling taps with the help of Kbsa member KBS Kitchens.

4) Back to Black 

Many people are often wary of decorating their kitchens with dark colours for fear of a lack of lighting or illusion of space, but gone are the days of single dark walls being used as a statement piece. 

Whether it's walls or cabinetry, a dark kitchen embraces everything luxe and sleek in 2020. Don’t believe us? We’re sure these idyllic projects from Kitchen Living and Steven Christopher Design will change your mind...

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5) Sustainable Materials

Sustainable interiors are set to be one of the biggest kitchen trends of 2020. 

In a more environmentally-friendly and green-focused era, sustainable lifestyles are becoming increasingly popular, and our Kbsa members are the perfect retailers to help your home embrace this trend.

More tips on this can be found here: make your kitchen more environmentally friendly.

6) Double Island Dreams

A move towards larger, open-plan designs has seen kitchen islands becoming a huge focal point. The newest form of island to take over is not one, but in fact, two islands!

The double island is a practical luxury, providing a plethora of counter space, creating the ideal kitchen for hosting and serving. 

7) Marble-lous Surfaces

Marble countertops and surfaces are by no means a new trend. The beautiful patterns marble can offer are the epitome of style that rarely falls out of trend.  

2020 will see more people turning to Quartz to achieve the same effect, without the maintenance and with added durability. 

Man-made surfaces can be a great alternative to achieve the same stylish look, often coming in a greater variety of patterns than natural marble. Check out this versatile and attractive design from Scavolini, for example.

Explore our blog to discover how to choose the best worktop for your kitchen.

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8) Temporary Wallpaper

Are you someone who just can’t make their mind up when it comes to kitchen wall design? Then removable wallpapers will be the 2020 kitchen design trend for you!

With modern kitchen trends constantly adapting, removable wallpapers allow you to keep up with the latest craze without breaking the bank. Struggling to decide on a colour? Let Anglia Interiors help you decide with their latest insightful blog, Top Kitchen Colour Trends 2020.

Stay up to date with our 2020 kitchen trends

Find your local approved retailer today and stay ahead of the trends with a brand-new kitchen. 

Or if you are simply looking for more inspiration before creating your dream 2020 kitchen, check out our kitchen inspiration galleries, which includes a range of the latest stunning designs from our wonderful members!

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