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Feb '18

Fed up with the classic white kitchen? Then the new kitchen colour design trends of 2018 are just for you. The white kitchen design will always be a classic, with its ultra-modern style there is no wonder why. However, it’s high time we bring in something a little different.

Impress your guests with bold colours or geometric patterns. Add to the atmosphere with warm or cool tones. We can guide you through the new kitchen colour design trends of 2018.

Bold Colours

The alternative to white isn’t black, but rather fresh bursts of colour. Many interior designers have set colourful kitchen cabinets to be the goal of 2018. Brighten up your kitchen design by using colourful cabinet doors. This is perfect for if you want to bring personality into your kitchen. Use splashes of colour to compliment a plainer kitchen. 

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Want to create a whole new kitchen just by adding colour? Get inspiration from Pantone’s 2018 colour palette. Their palette is ideal for everyone because of the varied colours involved. Bright, light, neutral and cool colours are all included.

Pantone Colour of the Year: Ultraviolet

Are splashes of colour the design trend you wish to follow? Increase your designer genius by incorporating Ultraviolet into your kitchen. Pantone are renowned for their colour trendsetting. So, why not use the most current colour to compliment your kitchen

Neutral Tones

If you’re adverse to using bright colours in your kitchen, try neutral tones. This is perfect for producing a modern kitchen. These can be warm or cool. Use warm colours or rich woods, like mahogany, to create warm tones. Alternatively, neutral hues of grey or blue will create a fresh tone. Neutral tones are great for reflecting natural light. This makes them perfect for opening up your kitchen. Aiming to keep your kitchen natural, bright and airy? Neutrals are the best 2018 cabinet colour trend for you.

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Two-Tone Cabinets

Another one of the kitchen colour trends to look forward to is the use of two tone cabinets. Bring in the elements with wooden or steel cabinets but block colours for your cabinet doors. The natural materials will add a calming, welcoming atmosphere, while the tone you choose will either warm or cool your kitchen. 

Geometric Designs

Want to go bold? Geometric designs are another one of 2018’s kitchen trends. Add a print to your kitchen cabinets to add eye-catching energy to your room. You can find a great mix of patterns, making this kitchen design customisable. Whether the prints are large or small, balance is key. Otherwise, you may overwhelm your guests.

Keep up with the latest kitchen trends

All of our fantastic retailers stay up to date with the latest kitchen design trends. Which of these kitchen colour trends will you be applying? If you want a modern kitchen which stays up to date with the year’s colour trends? Keep up to date with our blog.

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