Future-Proof for Multi-Generational Living with the Freedom Range of Accessible Kitchens from Symphony 30
Jun '23

With over 14.1 million disabled people in the UK and nine million living in multi-generational households, there is a growing need for accessible kitchen solutions that don't compromise on style. Additionally, with one in five people being 65 or older, the demand for kitchens that can be used safely and easily by people of all ages is also on the rise.

Freedom by Symphony is a complete fitted accessible kitchen solution designed to be used and enjoyed by every member of the family, regardless of age or ability. See below for full details on the range.

Kitchens are the hub of the home. The most hardworking of spaces, no matter its size or style, this is the one room that gets constant use, day in day out. Symphony believes that everybody should have a kitchen that can be used and enjoyed. From older family members to those with limited mobility or additional needs, the Freedom collection is designed to support both independent living and multi-generational homes for now and the future. This collection of practical and functional kitchens answers every ergonomic need while offering a stylish and innovative aesthetic that’s enjoyable to use and to spend time in.

“With many more of us living in multi-generational households, there are a plethora of features available that can improve the use of the kitchen for every member of the family,” says Adam Thomas, a leading expert in accessible design who collaborated on the Freedom kitchen collection with Symphony. “Good, ergonomic kitchen design minimises movement, so you spend less energy bending, stretching, lifting and cleaning, and this can be achieved through thoughtful and careful planning.”

Symphony’s Freedom kitchen collection is designed on the key principles of safety, flexibility, storage and style. Safety is ensured throughout, with careful planning that considers the layout of cabinets and the height of ovens and worksurfaces so that the risk of injuries and falls is significantly reduced. Waterfall edge worktops limit spillages while electric rise and fall surfaces and wall cabinets can be adjusted by the user to suit their needs. Innovative oven housings, heatproof reduced depth sinks, induction hobs, slide and hide oven doors and pull-out tables with storage drawer and pull-out base wirework for storage will also all help to create a safe and usable kitchen environment.

When planning a multi-generational or accessible kitchen, Adam Thomas adds that instead of installing hard to reach cabinets, think about using drawers and extensive pull-out systems to bring items towards you. “Uninterrupted, adjustable worktops with accessible areas give greater functionality,” he says, “while a worktop with a raised waterfall edge will help prevent spillages onto the floor, avoiding potential back and knee strain from cleaning up. Plan the placement of appliances to ensure they are close to the sink and within easy reach of a worksurface to avoid carrying pots and pans across open spaces. An oven placed at mid height also avoids having to stoop to remove hot and heavy items, making it much safer to use.”

Style-wise, a Freedom design doesn’t mean compromising on aesthetics. A combination of finishes on tall and base cabinets with contrasting colours between frontals, worktops, floors and walls will all create a modern workspace where anyone with visual impairment will find it easier to move around. The right combination of task and ambient lighting will also improve visibility as well as boosting mood and a feeling of well-being.

Join the Kbsa at a Northern Regional Meeting on Wednesday 12th July at the Symphony showroom in Barnsley. There will be a Kbsa meeting in the morning, followed by lunch and an afternoon presentation by Symphony. Accommodation and an evening meal have very kindly been offered by Symphony for all who wish to attend and arrive the evening before the meeting. 

Retail & Corporate Membership Director, Malcolm Scott, looks forward to seeing as many retailers as possible and conducting a lively and informative meeting.

Get in touch with Malcolm if you would like to attend and if you require accommodation. Email malcolmscott@kbsa.org.uk.

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