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Jun '18

Kbsa member, Classic Interiors, provides three considerations that will help you choose your perfect kitchen.

You’ve got all the brochures, had a nose around every kitchen showroom you pass and spent hours online. So what’s next?  There are so many things to consider that it is easy to lose your way; style, colours, worktops, ovens, it can be overwhelming – we get it!

With that in mind, here are three considerations that we think will help you choose your perfect kitchen.

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1: What do you want from your kitchen?

Everything! Of course you do. We spend most of our waking time in the kitchen, so they need to be versatile. Traditionally, kitchens were purely used for cooking, but today they are frequently the hub of the home, a place for entertaining, eating, working, lounging and living, as well as cooking.

With all those potential requirements, it’s imperative you prioritise and consider what is most important. Our designers are experts at designing a space which works for you and your family, understanding your wishes and creating a solution for every kitchen conundrum.

  • Think about what you like or dislike about your current kitchen. Ask yourself what works and what doesn’t. If it’s a new space or an extension, consider who is going to be using the kitchen on a daily basis?
  • Be honest about how you will be cooking and how frequently, if you’re preparing for the next series of Masterchef you’ll need plenty of worktop space, but if you’re more of a microwave maestro then worktop can be traded for additional cupboards
  • Will you be eating in the kitchen, how formally, how often and how many?! There are numerous options for accommodating all requests, from kitchen islands to peninsulas and breakfast bars. Our design team will ascertain what you require and make sure the design can accommodate it.
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2: Consider your layout

Is your kitchen a simple square or an old gem with nooks and crannies? Our designers will carry out a full survey at the first measure, to make sure our designs are workable and will fit, and not just nice on paper but a nightmare at installation.  We measure every millimetre and check every wall, window, pillar, niche, chimney breast and beam that could affect the design.

We deal with the finickity bits so you can concentrate on the things that matter to you, like your choice of oven. A beautiful range cooker or designer ovens which clean themselves?

Your oven choice will determine to a certain extent the kitchen layout. A range cooker will require a lot more space and looks best centralised, whereas modern single ovens can be housed in tall units, making them easier to use and giving more options for their position in the kitchen. The oven choice will also help with the next consideration…

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3: Style: Contemporary, traditional, neither…

Okay, so you have the practicalities under wraps. Now to make your friends and family say “WOW!”

If you yearn for an AGA or a beautiful range cooker, you may be leaning towards a traditional style, but traditional doesn’t have to mean ‘old-fashioned’, it simply lends itself to certain kitchen styles, such as shaker. Add a bold colour choice and it will ensure the kitchen looks anything but old-fashioned, whilst retaining a traditional elegance.

We design every kitchen to be as individual as you are, so broad categories such as contemporary or traditional can feel restrictive, so simply use them as a starting point.

You are better off to consider the style of the rest of your house. Does it have a country cottage feel or a modern vibe? Is it light and open, or dark and cosy? Do you like sleek clean lines or do you want something with lots of detail?

If you’re really struggling with which door style you prefer, try starting with your favourite colours first and consider which is your preference for your kitchen. Certain colours are best suited to certain styles, and this may help your decision. Our talented design team are always on hand to offer advice and assistance throughout the process, from which texture, material and colour worktop will complement the door style, through to finishing touches such as flooring and wall colours.

Get in touch with Classic Interiors for a no obligation design and quotation or pop into one of their showrooms.

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