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Offering unrivalled guidance and a whole host of resources and benefits, the Kbsa is the perfect supportive business partner for independent kitchen and bathroom retailers.

Reliability… Togetherness… Shared values… Commitment… Trust… Preparing for the future… This Valentine’s Day, find the perfect match for your kbb business.

Growing Together with Shared Values

The Kbsa is consistently welcoming fantastic new members, offering the invaluable opportunity for fellow like-minded retailers and suppliers in the kbb industry to network and share ideas.

We are here to support and celebrate your continued success in the industry, giving your customers complete confidence in your amazing work.

Reliability & Trust

As soon as you join the Kbsa, you can rest assured that you are now part of a network that provides unrivaled support and reliability when it comes to the latest industry and product news, upcoming legalities and technicalities in the sector and a range of training opportunities and resources.

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The Kbsa is 100% committed to helping its members to thrive in the industry. We are always looking for new exclusive benefits, deals and offers for our members. From training and discounts to events and peer networking, you’re never short on options with the Kbsa.

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Preparing for the future

The kbb industry is forever introducing new trends, products and technicalities. Sometimes, as busy owners and managers, it can be difficult for independent kitchen retailers to keep up with customer expectations.

This is why we at the Kbsa are forever looking towards the future, helping you to grow and thrive alongside the Association.

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We keep our retailers and suppliers constantly in the loop, with regular networking, news, events and communications coming directly to your team.

Belonging to the only specialist kbb trade association, we have international links throughout Europe that you can access.

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Protection & Security

As a Kbsa retailer, your money and your business will always have the protection it needs. Our insurance scheme protects your best interests and keeps your security as our top priority.

What our members say

But don’t just listen to us, explore what our dedicated members and retailers have to say about us in their five-star reviews:

"Our own Company has recently transferred to the Kbsa’s preferential merchant services scheme with Barclaycard and are already enjoying the significant savings. We should have done it earlier!!"

Mark Evans, Mark David Kitchens

“All I need to do is look at my Google Analytics to see the benefit I receive from the Kbsa.  It’s an essential part of my marketing, with all the additional benefits being a bonus.”

Richard Hibbert MD, KSL & Ksba Board Member

“Kbsa  told me about a recent opportunity which enabled me to win a stand at Grand Designs Live Show in May 2014 – a huge thank you as I would have had no idea whatsoever.”

Dianne Berry, Dianne Berry Kitchen Ltd

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Kbsa Members: Independent, But Never Alone

Here at Kbsa, our company ethos is to promote the highest standards of professionalism and workmanship. We represent the gold standard in design, planning and installation, and we offer our retailers an unrivalled guarantee of support. 

The services that we offer in legal, technical and business support are second to none. And like all successful relationships, we instill the confidence in our retailers to remain independent, but never alone. 

If you want to find out more about what Kbsa can do for your business, don’t hesitate to contact us today or make an enquiry here. 

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