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Picture this: you’ve had a long, tiresome day at work. You’re cold from the winter conditions and in desperate need to relax and take your mind off your daily stresses. You get home, and you’re welcomed by a gorgeous, perfectly heated, relaxing bath…

For thousands of years, humans have cherished the value and sanctity of bathing, and there is no reason why you shouldn’t continue to do so when considering your bathroom remodel.

In addition to the many aesthetical advantages of a luxury bathtub, there are many health benefits of having a comfortable, large bath in your house, some of which we have listed below.

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Health benefits of a comfortable, large bath:

  • A 2002 study proved that a daily bath can significantly improve your mood and optimism.
  • Baths can help relieve skin conditions.
  • The heat of a bath can ease muscle pain.
  • A hot bath before bed can help to ensure a better night’s sleep.
  • The steam from a deep bathtub can reduce cold symptoms, particularly in winter.

When thinking of bathroom design ideas, you have plenty of choices when it comes to deciding which bath is best for your home. The array of options can be overwhelming; however, our expert retail members are on hand to ensure you get the beautiful bathroom you deserve.

For guidance on choosing the perfect large bath for your luxury bathroom design, follow the below tips and advice.

Choosing a Traditional, Freestanding Bath

If you seek a traditional yet luxurious bathroom design to match the rustic style of the rest of your home, you may want to consider a freestanding bath.

Providing you have the space for it, an extra-large bathtub can be a sublime focal point for the room, adding both style and luxury. The great thing about a freestanding bathtub is that it gives you a lot of creative freedom to ensure the vision of your ideal, luxurious bathroom is achieved.

With the right placement, a freestanding, unique bathtub can work phenomenally as a centrepiece to the room, able to bring together various other aspects of your bathroom remodel.

It’s absolutely crucial that the structure of your home – in particular, the floorboards, can support the weight of your freestanding bathtub, and remember to account for the weight of the water and your body.

A relaxing bath is made all the more special with your toiletries and bath salts, so it’s important to also make sure there is enough room on each side of your freestanding bath for said necessities. The last thing you want is to have to keep getting in and out of the tub once you’re in it.

Coming in all shapes and sizes, there are many unusual baths that could look amazing in your new, luxurious bathroom. Check out some of the freestanding baths in the below designs, for example:

What are the best bathtub materials?

Bathrooms were once considered afterthoughts of a house renovation, but with the stress of the working life ever increasing, they have become sanctuaries and retreats from the hustle and bustle, so much so that there are now a dozen different materials for bathtubs alone.

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If cost-effectiveness is high on your priorities, you ought to consider a fibreglass or porcelain on steel bathtub.

Fiberglass tubs are extremely easy to install and repair, although they can be prone to fade and crack due to their thinness. Porcelain on steel, another common material, are equally as easy to clean but a bit more durable. However, they are vulnerable to rust.

Acrylic is always a great option as it allows a fantastic range of colours, shapes and sizes. When deciding on the best acrylic bath for your home, it’s definitely worth considering a bath with a sloping back to maximise relaxation.

When it comes to durability, you don’t get much better than a cast iron bath. Shaped using molten iron, these cast iron bathtubs are at the height of luxury, second only to the extra premium options such as cultured marble and stone bathtubs.

If you would like further advice and guidance on the material of your bath, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us or our expert retail members.

Choosing a walk-in or luxurious shower

If you’re conscious of space but don’t want to compromise on luxury and style, you may want to consider a luxurious shower instead of a large bathtub.

A stylish, luxury walk-in shower, for example, is elegant yet easy to access, making it ideal for smaller bathroom designs.

With the right design choices, this can be just as effective in relaxing your mind as running a bath. It will also save you money in terms of utilities, so it’s well and truly a win/win. A walk-in shower will create the illusion of space in what you may currently consider a small bathroom.​

It goes without saying that drainage is essential in a wet room, but you also need to be conscious of the shape of your walls. A sloping ceiling, for instance, may require a bespoke walk-in shower solution from our retailers.

A luxurious shower allows you to get real creative with your choice, style and placement of tiling, something our retailers will be more than happy to help with.

Another option that you ought to consider – especially if you like showering and bathing – is a shower within a bath, giving you the option of both depending on how you’re feeling.

Top Tap Tips

Once you have a bathroom design plan in terms of the shape and style of your bath or shower, you can delve into the somewhat smaller yet still very important aspects, such as taps and tiling.

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Not only are taps extremely important in terms of the function of your new, amazing bathroom, but they also serve a great purpose in terms of bringing together the design as a whole.

There are many questions you need to ask yourself, including:

  • How many tap holes and levers would you like? You could have one tap hole and lever, or two tap holes and two levers for the hot and cold temperature, or even two tap temperature levers and one hole for the water.
  • Do you prefer the traditional taps or a more contemporary look? This will be dependent on the style of your new bathtub, of course.
  • What material would you like to use for your new taps? There are many choices, including solid brass and ceramic disc. There are also many finishes you can opt for, such as chrome, gold and nickel.

Find Inspiration for your Bathroom Design

If, after following our large bath and luxury shower guide, you’re still seeking inspiration and design ideas, don’t hesitate to check out our inspirational bathroom design gallery!

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