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Nov '16

In our increasingly busy lives, good organisation and streamlined and efficient homes are a must have, particularly the kitchen which is often the central meeting place: the core of our living spaces.

Modern kitchens need to offer something different for each of us: an area to prepare food, somewhere to share a meal, a kitchen table for homework projects or just a quiet space to work or relax.

Most of us crave extra space and yet we still manage to fill every square inch available. Whether it is maximising the space you have available or increasing the capacity that you and your family command, there are space-saving storage options available to suit your aspirations.

Our members have noted a recent increase in consumers designing their new kitchen from the inside out. They are focussing more on what does and doesn’t work in their existing kitchen and then choosing improved storage options to provide a smoother more effective working area for the home.

Storage can be found in an extensive range of options, extending from internal pull-outs and drawer organisers, through to tailored pantries and hidden worktop options.

Second Nature give their own take on it here.

Dedicated space and easy to reach storage alternatives are key components of any redesign in the modern era. Wrestling to make all your essential items fit into that one drawer or having to take everything out to get to the much needed item hiding away at the back will be a distant memory, as these stylish remedies are designed around your specific aspirations and needs.

Well-organised cupboards and an enhanced flow of movement all help to improve your daily experience, as well as making those busy mornings run seamlessly. The modern kitchen should be an inviting environment that provides functionality in a clutter free environment.

Thankfully, organising your workspace with specialised systems, hidden storage and even innovative cold storage options has never been easier; sleek and purposeful yet with a wow factor that will be the envy of any visitor to your home.

Pull-out storage options may seem complex, however they cleverly cover every available surface and with a simple spin, rotation or sliding movement, all of your non-perishable items are at your fingertips. As with any good kitchen installation, soft closing units are essential for these jam packed storage options.

Whether you have a huge space to work with or a more modest option, there is a good number of larder choices to suit your kitchen style, shape and size and each will compliment your lifestyle with ease!

You may want just a few well designed, practical drawers or your preference may be to have more of the deep, multi-functional draws; whichever option you choose there are lots of clever ways to maximise the capacity even further.

Adding two layers to cutlery and utensil drawers or horizontally separating deeper draws to store baking trays are just a couple of examples of increasing the accessibility and storage available, shown here in this example.

Are you looking for an innovative way of using those troublesome corners in your kitchen? There are many products on the market today which will ensure you can capitalise on those hidden gaps. Pots and pans or small appliances can be easily retrieved from a twisting carousel or rotatable platform.

Corner drawers can also provide useful storage options; the V shaped unit takes advantage of all available area and means you amplify dead corner space converting it to a practical, more versatile space. Gone are the days of having to squeeze into small gaps to reach that necessary ingredient or kitchen component.

Pull out waste units also provide useful methods of hiding a multitude of sins. No more kitchen bins on display, taking up valuable floor space. Many come with recycling options, too!

If on the other hand you prefer to keep your favourite appliances and gadgets closer to hand, consider small wells which are set flush to the worktop or open spaces within the cupboard areas. Your most used items can be out of the way when not in use but close at hand for ease of access - here are some examples from one of our retailers.

In short, there are a wide variety of storage options that will suit your individual style and project requirements. When thinking about redesigning your new kitchen, take note of the old and ensure the new provides a super sleek, breath-taking replacement. Looking for some help to design and install your dream kitchen? We have kitchen specialists across the country. Visit our approved retailer tool to find out who is your closest supplier.

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