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Jul '14


  You’re starting from scratch so this is the perfect opportunity to get it right. It’s also the time where many amateur designers get it wrong! The big danger is incorporating things that you don’t need, or choosing impractical materials and finishes, just because they look good.

  It’s a fine balance, so get it right first time. Remember – you’re going to live with this kitchen for many years to come.

  Firstly – be realistic about your design skills. When you’re spending a good deal of money, it always pays to take expert advice. The Kitchen Bathroom Specialists Association (KBSA) can provide a list of members in your area. As independent specialist they offer advice on design and installation and have all satisfied the same criteria for membership.

  A good designer will help you draw up an initial list of ideas and then work through it for practicality. It’s about doing the ground work and considering your unique circumstances and what kind of kitchen is really going to work for you. Here are a few ideas to get you started:
Hopefully these ideas will help crystallise what you’re thinking and you’ll be leaning towards a particular style after doing the above. But if not – it helps to drill down a little further in your thinking.

  • Do you live in a listed building? Check with planning authorities beforehand as to what you can and can’t do.
  • Look around – visit showrooms and look online to help you decide what kind of kitchen and service offer you want.
  • Ask to see other peoples’ kitchens. Read magazines and keep a scrapbook of the ideas and little touches that you like. Eventually get to form a picture of what you’re leaning towards most strongly.
  • Check out different manufacturers in detail. They constantly update ranges and even finishes to existing ranges.

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