Oct '20

The Kbsa has welcomed a new corporate member, strengthening the support that is offered to retail members, from corporate partners.

Quooker is a market leader in boiling water and all-in-one taps, an increasingly essential appliance in many new kitchens.

Kbsa national chair Richard Hibbert said, “We are delighted that Quooker has become a corporate member.  Our corporate members provide support to retailer members, building relationships that can enhance profitable business for both parties”.

“The Kbsa is focused on supporting the independent market and welcomes the backing of national suppliers.  We have a robust 5 year strategic plan that will benefit from the input that Quooker can provide. We will be working in partnership to help our retail members to move forward successfully, and deal with the uncertainties of a post Covid economy.”

Stephen Johnson, managing director at Quooker said, “The Covid crisis and resultant financial pressures have shaken independent businesses nationwide, forcing us through some of the toughest trading conditions this industry has ever had to face. Having grown up in the KBB industry and as a longstanding supporter of the independent kitchen retail sector, I passionately believe we have a responsibility of support wherever possible”.

“At Quooker, we are committed to helping the industry with our resources and expertise, and it is for this reason that we look forward to partnering closely with the Kbsa and its board to strengthen this vital trade association for UK independent kitchen specialists. Sharing our values of upholding the highest standard of quality, professionalism and service, the Kbsa is unique in what it offers and how it cares for the consumer. Working together with the Kbsa, it is my hope that we can encourage people back to the high street and back into independent showrooms across the country.”

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