Feb '20

KBB2020- STAND N140

The Kbsa has launched two finance packages for members, providing several options for retailers to deliver flexible and attractive finance offers to their customers.

Details of both packages will be available at KBB, with the Kbsa team on hand to discuss the relative merits and advantages of the schemes.

Members can choose from an FCA registered or a non FCA option. The FCA offering provides discounted rates for members to become FCA registered, giving retailers the option to advise and sell finance freely, and make profit on the sale of the finance.

The non FCA package is based on a low initial fee, with no requirement of holding a full FCA licence. Provided by an established insurance broker, Phoenix Finance, this scheme is flexible and easy for retailers to administer. Retailers can vary the APR offered if they wish (9.9% being the standard APR with a flat 1.5% commission). If a retailer wishes to lower the APR this can be subsidised by them with agreement from the broker.

Kbsa chair Richard Hibbert says, “These finance deals provide our members with an important and additional sales tool. Finance is increasingly available to consumers for major purchases, so it provides a level playing field, when consumers are deciding where best to invest their money, be it an investment in the home or another big ticket item such as a new car.

“With Brexit coming to a conclusion this year, we see evidence that consumers are beginning to be more confident and we anticipate demand improving.

“The ability to offer flexible finance will help our members make the most of this upturn.” 

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