KBSA unveils new consumer strategy 17
Jul '14

The KBSA (Kitchen Bathroom Bedroom Specialists Association) has announced a new consumer focused strategy that aims to raise awareness of the association and drive more traffic to retail members. A major research project carried out last year led to the appointment of a new creative agency, which has been working with the KBSA board over the last three months. A new look was unveiled this week along with plans to re-launch the website and other initiatives.

  “We are very excited about our plans,” says KBSA sales and marketing director Ruth Ward. “We have a simple, clear and strong message to the consumer about what it means to use a KBSA retailer. The new material was very well received by members, with several placing orders for in store POS straight away and a full range of marketing material will be made available over the next 6- 8 weeks.

  “The next stage involves the website which will be re-launched and updated in the summer to reflect the strategy and incorporate the latest technology.”

  KBSA CEO Graham Ball adds, “Our plans will drive forward the development of the KBSA, enabling us to grow and take advantage of the anticipated growth in the economy and the KBB sector over the next two years.”
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