Mar '21

Premium Swiss appliance brand V-ZUG has joined the Kbsa as a corporate member. V-ZUG is a market leader in household appliances with core values of quality, design and sustainability at the heart of its kitchen and laundry appliances.

Sam Rogers, Head of Sales, V-ZUG UK said, “We are proud to have joined the Kbsa, as we are excited to work with like-minded independent businesses where quality and design go hand in hand. We hope that we can bring value to the group and are looking forward to meeting the members soon.”

Kbsa national chair Richard Hibbert said, “I am delighted to welcome V-ZUG as a corporate partner. We have over 100 of the most well respected brands in the KBB industry supporting our retail members, sharing the Kbsa’s commitment to high standards and excellence to customer care.

“Our members benefit from strong relationships with Kbsa corporate partners, working together to ensure that they are knowledgeable, and able to offer consumers the best advice when considering which appliances will best suit their needs.”

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