Founded in 1955, Airflow has manufactured market leading ventilation and air movement products for over 60 years. These quality ventilation products, including the iCON, QuietAir and Loovent eco, are a discrete addition to any bathroom or kitchen that protect the bathroom and kitchen from developing damp and mould.

Effective ventilation in toilets, bathrooms and kitchens is more important than ever, as UK home are constructed to increasingly airtight specifications. This airtightness traps excess moisture and air pollutants inside the property; increasing the risk of damp and mould and impacting the occupant’s health and well-being.

By integrating effective ventilation in your kitchen or bathroom, you’re able to protect it from damage caused by damp and mould. Furthermore, your client’s health and well-being are also protected from the various air pollutants that develop through everyday living.

The UK Building Regulations specify specific extraction rate to remove the moist air from wet rooms such as kitchens and bathrooms. To ensure that any kitchen or bathroom that you design complies with the building regulations, Airflow produces an extensive range of ventilation products that blend discretely into your façade whilst meeting the requirements of the Building Regulations.

The solutions to help you design the ideal kitchen or bathroom from Airflow range from: individual extractor fans, continuously running extractor fans (dMEV), central extraction units and decentralised and centralised mechanical ventilation with heat recovery (MVHR) units.

Furthermore, Airflow offers in-depth training to kitchen and bathrooms designers to ensure they have a full understanding of the ventilation requirements and the options available to them.

This commitment to providing training to kitchen and bathroom designers to help them design modern, yet healthy kitchens and bathrooms, has seen Airflow partner with Bucks New University. This partnership sees Airflow providing a module as part of Bucks New Uni’s Kitchen Design course on the importance of ventilation and explaining the Building Regulations at Airflow’s Air Academy training facility.

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