Fisher & Paykel are a global design-led appliance company, founded in 1934.
Our products are designed & engineered in New Zealand and are sold in over 50 countries Worldwide.
For us, it’s all about turning routines into experiences. We deliver products that are adaptable, functional and durable. We don’t just make products that fit the space provided, we create products that fit the lives around them. Real products, for real people for real lives.
We do not see cooking as a chore, but as a creative act. As more of our lives become virtual and people look for ways to make and create things, we design high performance tools you can rely on and be creative with, that turn everyday meals into creations
Cooking is part of our DNA - one part designer, one part chef. We have a passion for food and we are interested in making high performance ovens that perfect your favourite foods.
Fisher & Paykel’s multifunction Built-in ovens are designed to perfect your favourite food. Our ovens are programmed to quickly heat to a high temperature to brown the meat, then automatically lowering the temperatures to deliver a perfect tender roast every time.
At the heart of Fisher & Paykel’s Fridge-Freezers is the ability to sense and respond to daily use in an intelligent way. The temperature sensors, smart electronics and variable-speed fans creates a controlled environment and optimum temperature for better food care.
Take a look at our Multi-temperature CoolDrawer ™ designed to change from refrigerator to freezer at the touch of a button. Can also be set as a pantry, chiller or wine cooler
Our dish washers are designed to make doing the dishes easier than before. The combination of a drawer-based system with smart electronics delivers superior wash results and better ergonomics.  Our dishwasher can be concealed easily behind cabinetry to seamlessly blend into the kitchen or they can be supplied with a beautifully designed stainless steel door.
From the designers behind the DishDrawer and CoolDrawer innovations Fisher & Paykel believe in delivering appliances that meet a need; Our products are aesthetically beautiful, technologically advanced but above all useful.

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