This is a new built property in a hugely desirable part of Clifton in Bristol. Despite its historic location near Bristol zoo the customer was clear that they wanted a stunning contemporary design.

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The key to the whole project was the new castellated walnut door they saw in our new window display so that was the starting point of the design process. Mixing this with a special copper metallic design door with an iridescent shadow-like effect completed the look. Working around a supporting pillar presented its challenges but the design of the island managed to reduce its impact in the room. Whilst lots of hidden storage was essential the customer also wanted to showcase some of their beautiful object d’art so incorporating open shelving was an essential part of the design. Their utility room was almost of equal importance to the customer and central to the design here was a space for their dog shower!

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  • Furniture: Leicht – Bossa Walnut, Bondi Frosty White, Laika Copper Shadow with Copper handle recess
  • Worktop: Dekton - Nillium
  • Oven, Combi Microwave, Hob, fridge, freezer: Siemens
  • Sink: Blanco
  • Tap: Quooker
  • Budget: £30-£35k
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Project Cost: £28,891.55

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