After working with the client in their previous property they came to see us again when they purchased a 3 storey house and wanted to convert the top floor into a master suite.

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The top floor consisted of 2 bedrooms, a bathroom across the landing and next to this an office/spare room. On the first visit to the showroom, whilst the purchase was going through, the client showed me the house particulars and photos they had taken and asked if it was possible to remove the wall between the bathroom and spare room and create a large ensuite with 2 showers, similarly remove the wall between the 2 bedrooms to create one large master bedroom.

Upon a home visit once the purchase was completed, I confirmed that this was indeed possible and that a wetroom with a walk through shower in the middle would work perfectly in the space that they had. They were a little nervous at the thought of a wetroom on the top floor as friends had been told by a builder that wetrooms only work on the ground floor. I talked them through the process of creating a wetroom and that this was actually more effective than a shower enclosure which relies on a silicone seal to stop any water egress. Due to my explanation and our previous work they were happy to proceed with designs for a wetroom.

The clients liked the monochrome style, but wanted a touch of warmth/texture. I created a couple of designs, both had double vanities to match the double showers, and the clients settled on a frame open vanity rather than storage as I had put a recessed storage unit in the wall.

Due to the shape of the roof I was able to create a minimalistic look by using a concealed cistern and recessing a midi storage unit into the eaves. With the position of the soil and vent pipes we created a stud wall on the shower wall which allowed for a recess to be created for shampoos etc.

I used black brassware, frame vanities, towel radiators, glass ceiling black posts and tile trim to compliment the grey tiles for the monochrome feel and added some textured tiles as a feature on the shower area. The shower was 1800 wide to allow for the double showers and a bespoke piece of glass was made to match the width of the feature wall.

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We installed the wetroom floor former with linear waste with relevant support between joists to ensure there is no movement within the floor former itself. Due to the larger surface area and the substrate being floorboards a 6mm cement board was glued and screwed around the floor former to create a stable surface to begin the wetroom and to finish it level with the top of the floor former. Wetroom tanking membrane was then installed to the whole room, including the wetroom tray, which makes the room watertight. We then installed underfloor heating, including in the shower area, and tiled the floor creating not only a slope in the wetroom floor former but a slight gradient outside the former to ensure any spray flows back into the linear waste.

The whole installation, from start to finish, took 9-10 days and the clients loved their double shower area with matching double vanities.

Design Requirements

  • Monochrome look – with warmth and texture
  • Storage

Products Used

  • Britton – LED circular mirrors
  • Impey – 1800x900 linear wetroom tray, tanking and underfloor heating
  • Crosswater – MPRO matt black brassware (shower valve, shower and handheld shower)• Britton – Hoxton matt black brassware (basin tap, waste and bottle trap)
  • Britton – Shoreditch frame vanities and basins
  • Britton – Back to wall (Rimless) WC
  • Crosswater – Wall hung frame and cistern, matt black flush plate
  • Crosswater – Seattle matt black heated towel radiators and matching radiator valves
  • Britton – Accessories
  • Britton – Midi storage unit
  • Waxman – wetroom rated floor tiles (60x60) with matching wall tiles (60x30)
  • Techtile – Labyrinth feature wall tiles (20x20)

Project Cost: £13,799.82

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