Our clients came to us wanting a design that would be the centrepiece for their new kitchen extension. They were moving the existing kitchen to the back of the house and creating a large open plan kitchen/diner/family space.

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They wanted the design to be built around cooking and entertaining, with a specific request that it “not look like a generic kitchen”. They knew they wanted at least two ovens and a multifunctional steam/microwave oven, as well as a venting induction hob. With a young family they also requested that we try and fit two dishwashers into the space if possible.

With regards to style, they wanted a modern linear design that would stand up to life with 2 children! As they planned to use the space for adult entertaining, a bar area was also on their wish list, but they weren’t particularly keen on a wine fridge as they are mostly red wine drinkers. They wanted to keep the work surfaces clear of any small appliances and ideally the breakfast bar would look out over the garden and lake beyond.

We designed several basic layouts which we then developed into the final concept. The attached plan shows how the layout developed in its most basic form, and we then worked closely to help them select colours and finishes to complement the final design.

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We suggested using three full-size Siemens ovens, one as an everyday main oven, one as a steam oven, and one as a microwave. All have the option to be used as a standalone oven for catering for large numbers - a warming drawer was not something they wanted so it seemed unnecessary putting in any compact appliances.

By the sink area we designed a dishwasher either side of the sink unit, to the left of the ovens a full-size fridge and freezer side-byside, and to the right of the ovens a Blum space tower and a fixed worksurface to allow a toaster to be concealed away. A venting hob facing the main space meant they could engage with the children / guests while they cooked.

Working closely with the builder, we suggested they build a stud wall to make the bar area its own entity. We included an undercounter fridge and bespoke shelf areas for their favourite drinks. Our clients gave us free reign with this project which enabled us to be highly creative and the result is certainly anything but “generic kitchen”. We hope you enjoy it!

Project Cost: £53,000.00

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