This client came to us with an architect’s plan for their extension that included a kitchen design. Rather than just follow this design, of an L- shaped kitchen, plus an island, we presented a totally new layout.

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We listened to what our clients wanted to do in the room and provided an alternative design that offered better use of the space and a more logical flow. The clients loved the fact that we had taken this approach and were delighted that we had offered a unique solution for them.

The room is spacious, with plenty of natural light from several picture windows, patio doors and a skylight.

Our clients are keen cooks and have a large extended family. They wanted the new kitchen to provide enough space for informal parties, where they could bring people together to socialise whilst others cook.

Our approach was to take the units away from the wall, as in the proposed layout, and start with two Jack and Jill islands. The one island has a second sink and plenty of worktop space to allow for many different activities, by all members of the family. The other island includes the hob, providing an area for food preparation and cooking.

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The position of the two islands allows plenty of room for the two to be used at once, and for a flow of people around the kitchen. From one side there are views of the garden and to avoid views of a blank wall from the other, we introduced internal windows. These windows not only break up the solid wall but provide much needed light into the hallway beyond. They also create borrowed views through the kitchen into the garden from the hallway. The appliances were all selected to meet the needs of the cooks. Appliances built into the bank include a built in oven, a combination microwave and a separate microwave. This wall also houses the fridge, freezer, larder and dishwasher, bringing together everything necessary for food preparation.

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A Siemens studioLine flex induction hob is built into the cooking island with a GlassDraft extractor. Our clients had seen both of these items on display in the showroom. The glass draft extractor was also chosen in preference to a ceiling option, to avoid the need for a second suspended bulkhead above the preparation sink, which would have brought the ceiling height down and detracted from the openness of the room.

We have created a sociable dynamic kitchen that is multi-generational and future proofed for this family to enjoy for many years to come.

Project Cost: £20,416

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