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An architecturally designed new build home utilising an awkward plot space and hidden from the roadside. Young couple late 20s/early 30s with his building firm doing the buildworks for their first house together.

I met the design brief colour-wise by using a matt taupe contrasting with a matt black island and used black worktops, handles, sink and tap. I accented this with rich walnut tones that mimicked what they were going to use for internal doors. In terms of layout, I decided to maximise the kitchen and have it wall to wall of the main run. Initially they thought about only using half this space for the kitchen and the rest for dining table area but splitting it didn’t give them enough space for either in reality. Instead there’s huge amounts of storage with the sweeping tall units and a huge island with the sink hidden behind a raised back of bunk seating that forms one side of a generous dining table, also in the same walnut and using matt black legs which I sourced for to complement the overall scheme.

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There is no wall units because of ample storage space elsewhere – instead filling the back run with a ribbed walnut panelling and providing a shelf ledge in the dekton worktop. A passage door secretes the utility area behind tall units, utilising the odd shape of the plot/room and celebrating it rather than battling against it and manages to incorporate every appliance they needed.

The raised section on the island hides a couple of dark coloured double sockets and a grey mirror splashback which finish the scheme off nicely whilst also hiding from view any mess created whilst cooking or washing up so that the space can be fully enjoyed without seeing the clutter either from the dining table or the living area.

The overall space is a fantastic triumph and has real impact, with 2 very pleased owners.

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Project cost: £38,946.63

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