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To maximize the garden view, I decided to place the kitchen along the adjacent wall to the hall doors, leaving the main space open for the living area. The island is strategically placed so that it faces the garden, as to best enjoy the views when cooking. The table leading off from the island has been places so that no matter where you sit, you will always be able to look out of the window, connecting the inside with the outside.

As an important part of the design I have integrated seating into the kitchen, providing a cosy and peaceful reading area, complete with built in reading lights. Controlling light is of huge importance

I achieved this by using lighting to create zones around the room as well as accentuating design features. This was created with LED up-lighting over the tall units, down-lighting above the plant feature wall, and the integrated lights in the feature wooden panelling that stretched onto the ceiling, leading your eye to the sky light. There is also internally lit glass units, asymmetrically designed around the reading area. Contemporary pendants provide the table with light.

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I chose Leicht, as the furniture manufacturer as it has been Co2 neutral since 2019. Using mostly the Bossa solid wood door, as the sustainable walnut is hard wearing, while adding texture to the space. The wood also creates a warm and cosy environment, with a soft contrast to the modern slate black secondary finish. On the island, I used a planter providing the client a place to grow their own herbs, creating a sustainable way for them to cook, along with a way of teaching their grand children about plants. The dining table leads off from the island with room for up to nine people, plenty of space to comfortably fit all the clients family.

For the Appliances I have chosen all Siemens, with all of their products being given A++ in energy ratings. A Quooker tap, with innovative high vacuum insulation provides energy efficient boiling water.

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The worktops I have chosen are Cincel Grey Silestone, from Consentino’s Sunlit days, carbon neutral collection. The design of the colour is inspired by connection to nature and the days journey through light and colour, and was designed to perform its best when bathed in light. Is a perfect balance of warm and cool. Consentino are also very eco conscious and have one of Europe largest solar plants on site at their HQ, using 100% renewable certified energy. They also recycle 99% of the water used in the production process, increased their amount of recycled materials and use the waste dust from the manufacturing process as fertiliser top soil. Consentino has also started their own reforestation project in Ireland to help offset their carbon footprint.

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