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The clients wanted a practical and social kitchen that was different which would accommodate a multigenerational family, to accommodate their elderly parents in the future. The room was to be a main kitchen, a day room, and have an entertaining area, and a utility section.

There were certain requirements in terms of food preparation, storage and cooking that were important, creating a must have list as follows:

  • Tall fridge and freezer- side by side- for optimum storage and ease of access.
  • Minimum of two full sized ovens at eye level - future proofing for the elderly parents. These to have steam and microwave functions enabling all styles of cooking. 
  • A place where the family can prepare meals together – using a mixture of tall and low seating
  • Laundry space. This to be located away from the food preparation area, due to Indian cooking aromas.
  • Good extractor that would not obscure line of sight.
  • Gas and Induction cooking options to cater for range of food that is cooked.
  • Ample storage with personalised internal mechanisms to suit certain food types. For example, flour bins
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The clients originally wanted to keep the kitchen purely to the initial entrance and down the RH wall, leaving the L-shaped bit for a family area.

We offered alternative layouts to the client showing the constraints of their original idea and how it would not work, as ergonomic flow was compromised, it was also disjointed, and the room had no demarcation in purpose. 

We settled on a layout where clear zones were created and the main working zone was central to the utilitarian areas as well as the family relaxing, social areas.

The kitchen area was 400mm lower than the original house – which meant the line of sight was compromised due to a lower ceiling in the extension – this had an impact on the extractor. We suggested lowering the ceiling further to incorporate a flush line integrated extractor making it appear cleaner rather than having suspended bulkheads.

There was no window proposed on the back wall meaning natural light was compromised in the working space. We designed a small pillar box window into the layout giving natural light to the sink area, and then putting some black glazed illuminated units above to provide storage and task lighting.

A breakfast bar and a low-level seating area gives flexibility for both young and older generations.

Because our clients have a busy family life, they wanted a kitchen that was easy to clean. The use of anti-fingerprint doors, structured surfaces, quartz worktops and glass splashbacks will help them keep the kitchen looking like new with minimum effort. 

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Project cost: £24,000.00 inc. VAT exc. installation

Indicative cost of installation: £3,200

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