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I included products and design features that promote wellness and increase their client's connectivity to nature as they link to the theme of sustainability. I did this by maximising the room’s light and high ceiling space, using a mix of eco-friendly neutral and natural materials that blend with the exterior space and adding a ‘wow factor’ – an interior glass-covered Koi River that is the central feature of the room and connects with their garden pond. This addition will also enhance their sense of ‘bringing the outside in’ as well as will boost their well-being and happiness.

The space was designed to feel cohesive with defined areas for dining, cooking, socialising and private reading. It also had to be a safe place for their grandchildren, without compromising on the central themes. For example, open shelving is set higher so that it cannot be climbed on, magnetic-child safe locks on the sink cabinet, the dining table is curved, the island will have softer mitres on the unavoidable corners and the Koi River has thick, scratch-resistant toughened glass to ensure its longevity with large rocks around the external pond to form a safety water barrier. 

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The complementary warm and natural materials of the scheme blend with the exterior material design choices. I chose two cabinetry styles - one made from a plywood base that has a sustainably sourced veneer and the other that is complemented by cabinets that have a VOC water-based lacquered finish. The extra tall units create a sense of lift and transcendence, which complements their existing lantern window, and this idea is further encouraged by the recessed ceiling lighting. With the design, I also included a space for a peaceful reading area with a bookshelf for peaceful moments.  

The island seats four grandchildren people comfortably and is partly constructed with re-purposed railway sleepers that are paired with Carbon Neutral ceramic Dekton worktops. A planter is built into the island so the family can grow herbs as well as open shelving for plants. The Quooker hot tap uses less space, energy and water.

The lighting scheme uses eco-LED bulbs with multiple atmosphere settings and specific task lighting. A colour-changing LED strip frames the sink area and floor lights define the dining area which seats six people. To add zoned lighting, the design has floor LED for softer evening lighting, task lighting in the ceiling above the island, under-wall task cabinet lighting over the sink and a colour-changing LED frame for different mood options.

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The specification and quality of products, materials and design details are of the highest quality and specified for their sustainable properties. This ensures that their kitchen performs well for many years whilst considering the future environmental impact of my choices. The space has been designed to be completely flat to account for the fact that they may become less mobile over the decades.

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