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The worktops I have selected are Dekton, as they are the only 'cradle to grave', full life cycle carbon neutral surface on the market. Their warranty is 25 years, offering the client a real confidence for the life span they hope to achieve with their kitchen.

The appliances selected are Miele as they have made a pledge to be net zero by 2050. The appliances selected are all A+ and above energy ratings.

I have used a ethically and sustainable hardwood flooring which means it comes from forests which are managed, monitored and protected. This ensure trees are grown for future generations. The lifecycle of this product means it can last a lifetime.

We have used the quooker boiling water tap, which is a product driven to use as little energy as possible whilst preventing waster and using efficient and sustainable package.

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The sink has been specified as a shock sink, part of the 1810 group, which produce carbon neutral sinks.

The extractor was inbuilt to the hob. We have used an insinkerator for food waste as this in more efficient than using compost bins. We have also included a recycling unit for paper / plastics / cardboard.

I hope that the above demonstrates the commitment to meeting the clients brief from a product point of view.

We have attached a lighting plan to show zoned lighting in the space. We opted to have a sofa / seating area where the client could enjoying reading and entering. We added a fun cylinder where the grandchildren can sit in or on top of to encourage them to read. We also shelving for book for storage for the couple.

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We decided to incorporate a table, which would seat 8-10, allowing for the couple to facilitate the family and also suit their requirement to entertain. This table area wrapped round to also act as more casual seating. Adding a bar area slightly separate from the kitchen allowed for guest to make drinks etc without going into the cooking area of the kitchen

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