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His parents were about to change their windows and re-rendering outside, so I suggested changing the shape of the window, allowing me to reformat the room totally. This provided extra wall space for wardrobes to be considered next to the bed. I noted he was into smart technology, and I discussed adding lighting and that could be controlled from his phone. He loved the idea!

Designing with Winner I created Wardrobes made in Daval’s Alaskan Oak slab doors for a light, modern feel, with antique brass handles. Using their ‘Option i’ to create the bespoke furniture. Interior mirrors on the doors saved wall space, and the interiors were personalised for his lifestyle. By designing an open shelf feature within the furniture, and open shelving on the other side of the bed it created a resting place for his glasses and phone within reach from his bed. I complimented the furniture with a back panel and drawer front from Daval’s Recycled Renzo Range. It gave extra warmth to the room and added the industrial look.

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When creating the bespoke fitted furniture for his TV, PlayStation and devices I needed to consider the airflow needed around them, and the height for comfortable seated viewing opposite. I incorporated cupboard space for storage of his technology, and drawers on the base for storage. The TV had back lights already incorporated, so no lights were needed on this.

Opposite I created an alcove space for a large comfortable chair with reduced depth push to open base cupboards for storage of his blu ray and games. After consultation with the client a feature wall was created with wooden panels, for that real industrial feel, then by adding shelving with LED strip lights to exhibit his memorabilia, it gave character. It then felt a comfortable living space away from the bed.

The client had also requested some industrial light switches and sockets, which we were happy to incorporate. He was delighted with his choices, and it satisfying as a designer to provide a client with his requests. A ceiling feature light he had chosen and a few spotlights to finish the project, and we had a very happy customer controlling everything from his phone!

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Project cost: £9,416.00

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