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The kitchen needed to be beautiful but also provide plenty of storage, as there was a desire to keep the worktops clear. This brought about the bi-fold dresser as an area to store appliances such as the toaster and coffee machine out of sight. The kitchen needed to look great by day or by night so lighting was a large factor in the design. The use of ceiling fillers throughout the furniture areas allowed a clean looking finish to the ceiling, specifying a recirculating hob allowed us to avoid a ceiling canopy with extractor and continue a minimalist look for the kitchen.

Achieving a room space with ticked the customer’s wish list as well as smartly using the budget to create a thought out layout and storage plan as well as creating a fine-looking space.

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There were varying ceiling heights and ceiling lanterns already in place, the kitchen design had to work with these features as well as the offered room space. We chose complimenting furniture and work surface finishes with offered practicality and future proofing against any kitchen use accidents. We used on trend ceramic and stone finishes to achieve this look. The framed sink area gave great style but also practicality with additional storage areas above and surrounding the sink as well a lighting to make a feature of the space.

The media area and radiator back panels, albeit simple, truly finished off the room and tied it all together. Making use of handle free channels to add metallic touches allowed us to create symmetry and clean lines. Every ounce of storage was squeezed into this furniture arrangement where possible, giving the customer maximum use, the back of the island having shallower depth cupboards for all of their odds and ends to be hidden away. 

We designed this space using Winner software supported by mood boards with samples with different materials and finishes. Winner enables us to bring the kitchen to life for the customer as well as the designer being able to specify the right product through to order.

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Project cost: £24,900.00

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