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I have designed an L shape kitchen with an island to get best use out of the minimal wall space in the room. The run continues down the wall and is broken up at the end with open shelving and low-level bench seating which becomes a peaceful and relaxing reading nook for the family whilst enjoying the garden views from all angles.

The kitchen island was designed as an L-shape to mimic the shape of the back wall whilst incorporating a built-in banqueting seating area. The seating was designed to suit all ages to help future-poof the home and holds various functions i.e. Dining, socialising & entertaining. I have also included a chunky breakfast bar to create interest and allow the family to have a high-level seating option should they need it; also enhancing the futureproofing of the home as in 20 years, the children may use this area to socialise with friends. Furthermore, I have included a built-in wine cooler along one of the angled walls which is close to the entertainment area, so drinks are easily accessible.

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The supplier I have chosen is Rotpunkt as they not only offer a bio-board carcase option using up to 90% recycled wood, but they have also adapted their manufacturing process to significantly reduce the amount of material waste which is lost. A recirculating venting extractor has been specified to allow the clients to use recycled filtered air around the room. I have used Silestone HybriQ+ worktops which are proven to be sustainable as they use renewable energy + produce 0% water waste.

Quooker boiling water tap along with the CUBE has been specified. This allows filtered water alongside sparkling water so the family will spend less money on plastic bottles, reducing carbon footprint. Energy efficient appliances are used to minimise energy bills.

I have used bamboo flooring as it is extremely durable and hard-wearing but is also much more eco-friendly than hard-wood flooring as it grows at such a rapid rate. Bright colours were used to enhance a calming + bright atmosphere.

The design showcases various plants, natural finishes + wooden features throughout. This was to incorporate biophilic design into the room which helps to connect the clients to the natural environment and increases a positive and relaxing well-being.

Lighting has been used throughout – spotlights + strip lights beneath wall units to create accent lighting, spotlights in the ceiling to provide ambient lighting and positioning the table + breakfast bar below the skylight also enhances natural light.

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Overall, I believe the layout creates a spacious and ergonomic design whilst incorporating everything from the client’s wish list. The materials and specifications used are all to increase sustainability for the couple, but also their children and grandchildren in years to come. The design is suitable for all ages and colours / finishes used helps to create a calming yet social atmosphere.

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