Worktops: Dekton

Dekton is durable, scratch resistant, stain resistant and scorch resistant. These properties are fantastic for a young family, whereby you do not want to be worrying about damages.

Dekton wooden finish has been used for the table for the same reason


Antique mirror effect backsplash at the sink has been used. The antique properties make the mirror very forgiving in terms of dirt and splashes, therefore time does not need to be invested for cleaning.

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I have opted to go for a specialist spray tap in the form of Quooker Flex. This provided the client with boiling water which is ideal for cooking and sterilising (great as they have two young children). The spray is neat and therefore doesn’t get too dirty.


I have provided handleless on the island as requested however I would advise the client to include an inconspicuous lip handle for the tall units to allow ease when opening the products with the suction belts such as fridges and freezers. The look is achieved with the practicality needed for a young family.


I have opted for a matt lacquer light taupe coloured door. This colour works well with many different accent colours which allows the clients to alter the feel of the room over time without altering the integrity of the kitchen.

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Additional Information

I felt it was important to really accentuate the external doors in the room and as such to sit and dine in this area works best.

I have over extended the butt in the wall to accommodate some internal feature niches. This not only hides the butt fabulously but also separates the kitchen and dining area nicely and seamlessly.

The island accommodates a hob with internal extractor and the way the island is constructed, allows cooking from either side. Furthermore the island, on entry to the room from the hall, offers division.

A tall fridge and freezer are positioned either side of the ovens. The island is full of drawer storage with additional internal drawers beside the sink / dishwasher.

Having spoken with my Installation Director he noted the water could be changed to where I propose.

The Dekton table is fitted with a slide out mechanism to allow the table to be extended.

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