The look that I was aiming for with this design was contemporary but glamorous with a touch of moody!

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The brief from the client included;

  • This room was a family bathroom, primarily for the use for 2 of their daughters who were in their late teens early 20’s and the configuration needed to reflect that.
  • A bath and separate shower was required.
  • Good lighting was important.
  • The client was open to all ideas thereafter.
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The angled ceiling meant that the positioning of the bath, shower, basin etc required careful consideration as the occupants of the household were all quite tall. This led to the construction of stud walls to enclose the shower and storage round the side and base of the angled ceiling to pull the ‘working’ areas of the bathroom into a position that provided a more usable ceiling height.

A variety of different lighting was incorporated within the design with the users of the bathroom in mind. Good lighting left and right of the mirror was important for makeup, soft lighting to the shower recesses worked well for hangovers, feature pendants were ideal for lounging in the bath while recessed ceiling lights gave the bright, ‘time to wake up’ lighting. All of these lighting elements are separately controlled allowing the occupants to create an atmosphere best suited to how they were feeling.

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In relation to catering for two older girls, equal storage was provided for them. They had the same volume of cupboard storage each and a recessed shower cubby each so there would be no squabbles over storage. They did however share a custom designed cubby hole at the foot of the bath for the storage of their favourite magazines.

To add to the feeling of glamour and luxury, Granite was used within the shower enclosure and as a splashback to the bath. This was also extremely practical as it is easy to clean and maintain with minimum joints.

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The biggest challenge with this design was to clearly interpret how the room was going to be used and by whom but also looking at what their requirements would be at different points in the day. It was also vital that the heights worked not only for a tall family but for a room with structural challenges such as the angled ceiling.

Agreed budget value for this project was £37,500.00

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