The client, a busy working single mum purchased this double fronted townhouse in Brighton in 2016 and having renovated the majority of the rest of the house became stuck with what to do with the kitchen.

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With very high ceilings (3.4 metres) the current kitchen just didn’t fill the space and looked out of proportion. It was also very plain and didn’t excite her. Having seen some of our work online the client contacted us because we like to inject something a little different in to our kitchens and that’s exactly what she needed. The brief was to come up with a bold statement design with more storage and to completely change the layout as what she had before just didn’t work. A good compliment of appliances and seating for at least 4 people. She didn’t want anything too modern and felt the property leant itself to a traditional range of furniture but traditional wasn’t really her thing so a contemporary design with classic elements.

I felt that an inframe shaker door with a twist would work as it was handleless therefore covered her desire for both contemporary and traditional at the same time. The deep blue painted units fill the space and look in proportion to its surroundings. The large sash windows with shutters becomes a picture on the wall. The working sink run disappears into the background accentuating the giants on each side. By stepping the wall units in over the hob and leaving the top boxes at the tall unit depth the kitchen became a frame within a frame. A bold RGB coloured glass drop leg to the island gave the client the option to be make a statement as and when she please and then the characterful stepped tall run behind the island shows off something totally different with a vibrant geometric set of glazed units in a mustard yellow. This is first visible as you walk in to the room via the reflection in the grey mirror splashback behind the hob teasing and inviting you to venture further in to the room, turn and see it and the lines of mustard yellow become more visible the further in to the room you go.

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Inspiration often comes from unrelated places and this two tone stepped idea was formed out of a visit to the island of Burano near Venice where the houses are stepped in and out and painted bright colours.

Being hand painted this kitchen becomes 3 single pieces of furniture each making its own statement but all being tied together by colour.

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Cost of Project: £73,333.33

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