Trainee Bathroom Designer - Nichola

Time with Ream: 1 Year 6 months

Background: Degree in design, and previous work experience in Laura Ashley.

Course Studied: The Bathroom Academy Industry Guides

Role: Assisting Ream’s bathroom designer Gayle with every aspect of the job. Shadowing designs, processes and communication techniques in order to gain a thorough understanding, and learn working knowledge on order to become a fully fledged bathroom designer in the future. 

Currently undergoing a test to design a full bathroom for the MD’s property, without assistance from the bathroom designer.



What were you doing before you started at Ream?

I was a retail sales advisor at Laura Ashley within the home interiors department

What was it about that job that you liked?

I liked the idea that you could create something from scratch, and introduce all the colours and textures and make everything work as an entire piece, I love the idea of creating something new and exciting. Which is why I wanted to get involved in bathroom design, it’s the whole process and construction part that I love, you can start from nothing, and create something totally bespoke and custom made to an individual.

When did you decide that you wanted to become a designer?

I studied a degree in design, and before that a foundation course, which is going back a few years now, so I’ve always had a feel for design really.

How long have you been at Ream for?

About a year and a half, it will be 2 years in October.

What have you learned since you have been here?

Oh so much, considering that bathroom design was all completely new to me, I have definitely learnt an awful lot in that period of time, considering the depth of knowledge that is required.

What have you learned ?

I definitely have a much more acute eye for detail, especially when it comes to structures. I also think that my creativity had developed, because of the bespoke nature of the company. It’s tought me to be a lot more open minded, rather than the tunnel vision design ways that I have learnt in the past. But I’ve also learned through my course, a lot of knowledge in showers, brassware, furniture, domestic water systems, sanitary ware. I’ve learnt a whole range of things that I never thought I’d learn, its been incredibly detailed.

What style of learning has worked for you best?

I think seeing people work within the showroom and learning from them. Of course it does help reading and studying, but dealing with customers, answering questions, and seeing how other designers  deal with challenges in designs, and working out what is possible to fit client specifications. That’s definitely helped me.

Are you enjoying it?


When do you think you will be ready to design your own bathrooms?

Hopefully by the late side of this year. I hope I’ll be a lot bore confident and independent.

Your currently doing a design at the moment, as a test. How is that going, has it been a challenge?

It has been challenging, I’ve made little mistakes, but I’ve learned from them. Its definitely been a good learning curve and its made me look at things from a different perspective. I enjoyed the independence I had, and it really made me think a lot more by myself, and I’m really looking forward to seeing the end result.