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Apr '17

The kitchen is often referred to as the ‘heart of the home’; so why not have a kitchen which reflects your style and personality? Neutral kitchens are ever popular and always in favour, but maybe you would like something a little more daring, perhaps a little bolder? Here, we take a look at how you can introduce splashes of colour, adding warmth and energy to your kitchen:

Colourful Accessories

If you feel nervous at the prospect of adding large amounts of colour to your kitchen – why not introduce colourful kitchen accessories instead?

Creating a stark contrast between bold colour or patterns and neutral cabinets, this is a simple way to invoke warmth and depth to your kitchen. This may be an ideal compromise if you are considering selling your property in the future and are keen to keep an otherwise neutral colour scheme to entice potential buyers, or if you would like to be more daring but are perhaps not quite brave enough to take the leap straight off!

There are multiple options for accessorising your kitchen with colour, you could either choose a single bold colour and carry throughout your appliances and soft furnishings, mix and match or introduce strong patterns, for example, the new ‘Sicily is my Love’ Dolce and Gabbana range by Smeg which will be available to purchase later this year.

And it’s not just your small kitchen appliances and accessories which can be bold and beautiful – why not extend your theme to your larger kitchen appliances? Ditch the tired stainless steel and be bold – how about a yellow cooker or a blue fridge freezer?

Coloured Walls

Further contrast can be added to your neutral cabinets by adding colour to the walls, and this can be achieved in many ways.

A lick of paint is the easiest way to add colour. Singular or contrasting colours can do so much to transform the look and feel of a kitchen. Whilst the most recent colour trends have seen whimsical greys and romantic dusky shades take the limelight, you can instantly add vibrancy and energy by taking inspiration from the primary shades of blue, red and yellow. A rich shade of blue adds a dramatic backdrop to a white kitchen, red is energetic and warm, whilst yellow invokes the idea of sunshine and light – or why not get creative and combine all three?

If you like the latest trends, take a look at Pantone’s colour of 2017, ‘Greenery’? Noted as being reinvigorating and rejuvenating, it instantly creates a connection with the outdoors.

Paint is an inexpensive way of transforming any room, and you should remain mindful that the colour you choose should reflect the overall look and feel you are attempting to achieve, for example, a deep, warm red may make a small kitchen feel closed in, whilst an uplifting shade of green may add a sense of light and space, opening the area up.

Another kitchen staple is tiling. Not only are they endlessly practical in a kitchen space, but there are so many options available that they can be used to enhance your kitchen. Houzz offers some great inspiration, from different shapes, sizes, textures and colours: there is sure to be something to suit all tastes.

Wallpaper is another way to make a bold statement in your kitchen, and Better Home and Gardens have collected a few ideas to inspire! Whether you’re looking to continue your chosen colour scheme, introduce contrasting colours or add depth with a quirky pattern, there are so many different wallpapers available. Just ensure that your chosen wallpaper is suited to a kitchen environment to ensure longevity.

Coloured Cabinets and Lighting

If you’re confident in your style choice – then why not invest in a new bold and colourful kitchen? From the colour of your cabinets, worktops and even your lighting, you’ll have full license to get creative with colour!

The combinations are endless and can be as bold and colourful as you’d like. From a single colour featured throughout the kitchen units to the newer trend for mixing and matching cupboards, often using other features such as tiles and wall colours to link the two to create a natural flow.

An additional way of adding colour can be through mood lighting. No longer just a practical ceiling light, colour can enhance your kitchen via statement hanging lights, under cabinet or even as plinth lights.

Our approved retailers are bursting with design experience and enthusiasm and would be delighted to help you achieve the results you want!

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