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Creating your new bathroom around a centrepiece bathtub will provide any room with a stunning focal point that offers both a touch of luxury and style.

Freestanding bathtubs have become increasingly popular within the bathroom market and more and more companies are expanding their range to help create new, exciting designs and styles, therefore widening the range of options for homeowners.

Many people are looking to install freestanding bathtubs in their master bedroom suites as they seek that must-needed relaxation after a busy day. Luckily, there are many different styles that are bound to suit your preferences.

But firstly, we would recommend measuring your available bathroom space as this is key when selecting your perfect tub. If you have a bigger budget, you could consider alternative bathtubs, for example, luxury circular tubs that need the additional room either side. Or a double-ended slipper tub if you’re looking for a traditional style with an added bonus of enough space for two!

Secondly, consider the different shapes and sizes available. Explore all options and don’t be afraid to look at the freestanding bathtubs that are too big for your room as you may be able to fit one of these as a corner tub or against a wall, maintaining the desired effect but without the required room around all sides.

While circular tubs are a great option, there are much more types and styles to explore!

  1. Double-ended slipper – it's extended, curved rests on both ends provide neck and back support. Traditionally, the taps are located on the shallow end, but today they are more often than not situated in the middle of the bath, leaving spaces at both ends to lean back and relax!
  2. Contemporary twist – if you like the modern, clean look, then the contemporary slipper is for you. It oozes sleekness with its curvaceous design!
  3. The Bateau tub – There are many different styles of this one tub which is often known as the ‘boat bath’. It is a reproduction of the late 19th-century French double-ended bath cast in iron.
  4. Roll-top bath – the classic roll-top bath is perhaps the most popular of its type; its gently sloping back offers comfort and stability as well as style, with its claw of ball feet. You can paint these in any colour, allowing you to fit them into any bathroom scheme.
  5. Freestanding inset – if space isn’t a worry, take the lead and move your bathtub away from the wall to create a fabulous free-standing look. To see a great example, click here.

Whether you like a long soak in the winter months or prefer a more practical solution, there is a bathtub to suit your wants and needs. Remember, if you don’t like the finishing touches on a bathtub, you can more than likely change them depending on your needs.

Our approved retailers offer excellent, innovative bathroom designs. Head over to our bathroom image gallery to view an array of amazing projects.  

Images supplied by:​

Ablutions - Stuart Irving (The Kbsa 2012 Designer Awards Shortlisted Entry)

Creative Interiors Ltd (Derby)

Edinburgh Kitchen Company (EKCO) - Hollie Kerr - Winner of The Kbsa Bathroom Designer of the Year

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