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Sep '17

The popularity of open plan living has surged phenomenally over the last twenty years, and whilst there is often renewed debate over whether it will remain ‘fashionable’ in the years and decades to come, it really does appear to be here to stay.

The popularity of open plan living has surged phenomenally over the last twenty years, and whilst there is often renewed debate over whether it will remain ‘fashionable’ in the years and decades to come, it really does appear to be here to stay.

Many modern developments now include this way of living as standard, and older properties traditionally designed with separate rooms are being converted to achieve this more contemporary look.

Back in 2012, a survey estimated that around one in three homes in Britain featured a kitchen-diner, with one in five homes opting to blend in a living space, and the demand is not slowing down.

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Whilst there are heated and very valid arguments for the need of a separate, closed-off kitchen, there is no denying that for so many the open plan design is a must-have.

But why the surge in popularity? And if you’re considering creating your very own open plan design, what do you need to be thinking about?

The Heart of the Home

Quality family time is often hard to come by, and an open plan kitchen design allows a more flexible, sociable way of living. No longer does the kitchen have to be closed off from the rest of the family, by opening it up you can truly ensure that it becomes the heart of your home.

Meals can be prepared in the presence of family, homework can be completed under a watchful eye, and for younger families, Mum or Dad can carry out kitchen-based chores whilst the children play in sight. It’s no wonder that so many homeowners are opting to alter their homes to open space up, providing a large, bright and airy space for the family to go about their day-to-day lives companionably.

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Of course, open plan living doesn’t only suit families. A large kitchen/living area provides the perfect social hub for entertaining. During dinner parties, there is no need for the cook to be hidden away from the party, they can prepare whilst being involved in the conversation.

Things to Consider

If you’ve decided that open plan living is your perfect solution, you may wish to consider the following to optimise both comfort and functionality.

Add a Utility Area

If you have the space available, a separate utility area is advisable. Washing machines and dryers are pretty antisocial due to the noise they create during use, and this will be even more noticeable in such an open area.

The ability to close the door on the laundry will allow you to enjoy your new sociable living space in peace. If you don’t have space, then we recommended you consider kitchen appliances which emit the least amount of noise. This information is readily available and is recorded in decibels.

Maximise Storage Space

One issue with an open plan living area is the potential for clutter and mess. A space that the whole family uses is inevitably going to create untidiness, however, this can be easily alleviated by ensuring that storage space is maximised.

Utilising corner space and adding wall cabinets, for example, are extremely useful ways to maximise room without sacrificing storage. It’s also a handy idea to try and keep areas such as kitchen worktops as clutter-free as possible to create a calm and clear space.

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Good Ventilation

One of the key arguments for a closed kitchen is the spread of cooking smells throughout and open-plan space. To negate this issue, good ventilation is key, especially if you have soft furnishings which can attract and cling onto food aromas. We advise, therefore, that spending a bit extra on powerful extraction is an absolute must.

Integrated Décor

Even though the space is open plan, each zone will have its own characteristics. While it’s important to embrace these differences, the very best designs allow for some connection between each area. Whether this is a feature colour, a particular type of wood used within the furniture, or perhaps a striking fabric tying together the soft furnishings is completely up to you.

Whatever you choose to tie in your various areas, with the help of our expert retailers, the result will be a stunning, cohesive and harmonious space.

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What Do You Need?

The most important thing to remember is that open plan living is a testament to your lifestyle and therefore the space should be exactly what you need it to be. Consider what you want to include, think about how you wish your kitchen space to function and how you like to work.

What will you and your family use the space for, and how do you see it working within the context of the rest of your house?

With open plan living, the rule-book is thrown away and you have the ability to create the perfect, versatile space for you and your family. For more guidance and help choosing your ideal retailer, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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