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Nov '17

The power of light is infinite, able to stimulate, inform, inspire and excite, while enriching our perception of a room.

Never underestimate the influence of lighting in your home; it well and truly determines the mood, design and, most importantly, the function of a room.

While individual tastes and desires differ, one thing is certain: you want a kitchen you can be proud of; a kitchen that maximises functionality; a kitchen that firmly stays in the minds of your guests.

Natural light can be a great way to increase the welcoming, vibrant nature of your kitchen, but your choice of fixtures is what injects depth and personality. The positioning, illumination, shape and colour of your light fixtures is extremely important in tying your furniture and decoration together, as well as highlighting your favourite parts of the room.

Let your personality shine through by unlocking the secrets of fabulous lighting – without it, the desired impact of other elements in your room will diminish. In today’s energy efficient-focused world, the use of glass to maximise natural light has increased, thus reducing artificial sources’ role in the home.

Our reduced reliance on artificial light has arguably increased its importance and impact, though. No longer do your fixtures have to rely on function alone; instead, you can focus on making them a visually striking part of the furniture.

What should I consider?

Do you want your lighting to stand out? Bold fixtures are the way to go. But what kind is the perfect fit for your kitchen? This is where functionality and mood play a key role in the decision-making process.

 You need to think about whether you want a kitchen to be an intimate, somewhat romantic setting; a bright, welcoming retreat for the family; a social hub for gatherings, or even all of the above and more!

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If you seek an intimate atmosphere, a low-hanging pendant light overlooking your dinner table or breakfast bar would be perfect, highlighting and focusing on the connection between you and your fellow diners.

The great thing about pendant lights are that they come in a variety of interesting shapes and colours, meaning they can blend in – or stand out while complementing their surroundings – in both traditional and contemporary homes.

Embrace the Future

If you intend to make a statement with your lighting but would prefer something a bit more embracing, you can either adapt for something more futuristic like the options below:

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An increasingly popular, family-friendly option that can add a bit of magic to a room is something of the fairy-light variety. However, if you seek a premium style, it’s important to look for something that will enhance, and not distract from, your furniture.

Wall-Mounted Options

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Not keen on hanging options? Why not consider the plethora of wall-mounted lighting available? These can add the drama you seek, while ensuring your room still gets the illumination it needs. Below are a few styles you can look to emulate when planning the design of your new kitchen with one of our retailers.

Back to Basics

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If you seek rustic yet creative elegance, a brilliant way to achieve this is by stripping everything back to basics. Whether this is through a traditional chandelier, a clever use of an exposed bulb, or even candlelight, is completely up to you.

Make the Changes You Desire

What does your kitchen currently say about you? Not completely happy with your lighting or any other aspect of your home? Gain inspiration here before talking to our friendly, experienced and knowledgeable retail members.

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