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Aug '17

Creating more space can sometimes become a higher priority than ensuring our homes remain stylish, however, there are some fabulous design solutions that focus on maximising space, without sacrificing on design.

Walls – more space than you’ll ever need!

The surface area of the walls within a room can offer ample space to both insert design creativity and increase floor space.

Once that comfy double bed is just about squeezed in, the bedroom has little options when confined to a small area. Rather than opting for a large statement bedframe, consider a divan bed that will maximise floor and storage space. Add a splash of colour to the wall by painting or adding fabric to a headboard, this will take away the “make do” feeling and add an artistic twist.​

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A nightstand is a lovely feature in the bedroom but can take up significant floor space only to provide basic functions such as placing a book and table lamps. An alternative solution for night lighting is to install wall sconces, while a narrow, floating nightstand will ensure you’ll be able to reach that best seller!

A blank wall that’s not being used for anything is the perfect means to providing extra storage options; you could utilise a system of shelves to create a pantry wall in your kitchen, for example. This way, glasses, bottles and alike can avoid cluttering the counter top.

When facing a dilemma of wanting to add more colour to a room - without adding objects such as cushions and throws - you can use the “fifth wall”, otherwise known as the ceiling. Add a warm or bright splash of paint here and take design and colour to the next level. The feature ceiling will allow you to avoid filling the room with objects to make up for a lack of definition. 

Multipurpose objects

Items that have more than one function in the home – particularly ones that double up as surface space and a seating option - are fantastic statement pieces.

Many homes make use of a coffee table, which is why choosing one that has multi purpose functions is an ideal space saver. Whether you opt for a soft surface piece or one that has a removable surface, such as a tray for placing crockery, is entirely your choice.

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Glass and mirrored furnishings or appliances are great solutions for creating space, although it’s important to position these wisely. For instance, it’s best to avoid placing glass near the cooker or anywhere that’s likely to attract grease and therefore diminish that effortlessly striking, clean look you’re hoping for.

Wet Rooms

Shower curtains used to be a way to add a nice design feel to your bathroom, but this time has long gone. Now, the more contemporary bathroom renovations tend to involve wet rooms, so that the bath and shower sit on the same tile space, allowing water to splash anywhere without damage to the flooring.

This means that a shower screen or curtain is no longer necessary, and therefore helps to declutter your bathroom, which should remain a peaceful sanctuary in which you can relax and forget about daily stresses.

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Outdoor bathroom

An outdoor bathroom could be ideal for situations where a light rinsing off from the outdoor elements is desired. If there’s a large space available outside your home, you might consider converting it into a bathroom that, albeit is “outdoors”, but provides you with a higher level of privacy.

With an outdoor bathroom, you could expand the boundaries of your home but maintain that sense of calm that is so important when it comes to showering or bathing.

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