How to decorate your kitchen this Christmas 21
Dec '17

We all know that the kitchen becomes the centrepiece of every Christmas dinner. Family and friends gather round, sipping glasses of wine and chatting as you cook. Your guests watch as you place the turkey in the oven, roast your vegetables and roll your pigs in blankets. We know this is no regular dinner party.

So, with all this focus being drawn to your kitchen, how can you decorate and prepare it for Christmas day? Read these 4 tips on how to bring some festive style to your kitchen! 

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Indoor Wreath

Your guests are greeted on Christmas day with a beautiful wreath on your front door. Why not bring this indoors too? The wreath is the first festive impression you make, so this should continue into the kitchen. Try hanging some small (or big) wreaths on your kitchen cabinets. This will change the environment of the whole room as you prepare food and drinks for your guests.

Christmas Tree

What says festive more than a Christmas tree? The scent of pine evokes seasonal feelings for many of us. We know the thought of dragging a giant tree into a kitchen can seem daunting, although many shops now sell smaller artificial trees. These can be dotted in spots around the room. One on the windowsill or on the breakfast bar perhaps. Having these features will turn the room festive without much effort at all!


Fairy lights

Light up your kitchen with a warm glow and hang some fairy lights. These can go on your window or up high by the ceiling. If you are limited for plug sockets, or if they are not placed in convenient locations, you can easily purchase battery operated lights. Fairy lights are a good product to use because they can be placed throughout the house to create a warm light in any room. 



Baubles are a great little detail to add to your kitchen. These can hang from your ceiling or from cabinet handles. The wonderful thing about using baubles to decorate your kitchen is that they are very customisable. You can be selective with size, shape and colour. So whether you want glittery pink to compliment your kitchen or metallic blue, the choice is yours!

We hope you all have a magical Christmas and that your dinner is as marvellous as the festively decorated kitchen that hosts it!


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