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Jul '18

Staying motivated in your home office can be difficult when there are so many distractions around. Make sure you follow our easy guide to staying productive in your home office!

At times, working from home can be difficult. Distractions outside of your normal work environment - such as tempting snacks or the television - can make it difficult to remain focused and motivated when away from your colleagues.

If you find work is easily pushed aside when you’re at home, follow our easy guide for staying productive in your home office!

Remove all distractions

The best way for you to stay focused is to remove all distractions from your workspace. The only things you should have on your desk are your tools for work. This is most likely your computer, charger and any necessary documents and stationery.

Have more than that in front of you? Put it away in a drawer or in another room to make sure this is a work-only space. After all, it is much easier to bring your attention to your work if your work is the only thing you can see.


Now, what is the point in having a home office you don’t actually enjoy being in? Art, posters and other features can help make this a personal space. You should also consider creating a theme around your favourite colour.

For example, green could be the theme for you because it helps with creativity, innovation, harmony and reduces the strain on your eyes. Alternatively, blue is a calming colour which could help you feel more relaxed and prepared during the working day.

Create a room which you find aesthetic and pleasing to be in – after all, this is your dedicated space. With a personalised home office that you love, you will naturally be pulled to work in that room.


An important factor of your working day, whether in the office or at home, is furniture. Drawers can help with the first point of this guide. Having a dedicated place to store work-related clutter helps remove distractions and prevents you from losing essential documents.

Your office desk and chair are also extremely important for focus, as well as health. Ergonomics is key to making sure you don’t injure yourself while working. Poor posture as a result of a bad set up can lead to Repetitive Strain Injury, back pain, neck pain and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, amongst other injuries.

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Taking strategic breaks is important. Working at a desk and computer for hours at a time can cause eye strain and physical discomfort. So, in order to stay motivated, make sure you’re taking regular breaks away from your computer.

Having short breaks can improve productivity and keep you going in the long run – rather than fizzling out early. Perhaps follow the Pomodoro technique: focus for 25 minutes and break for 5, or work for 50 minutes and rest for 10.

Stretch your legs, get a drink of water or grab some fruit. Whatever it is, get away from your desk for a few minutes so you can come back and crack on again.


Not only are plants and greenery pleasant to look at when you’re stuck indoors, they also help with personalising your office space.

Plants have the added benefit of purifying the air and removing indoor pollution. Clean air is suggested to have a positive effect on cognitive functions, which in turn will help keep you motivated. The right indoor plants will help leave you calm, refreshed, and ready to carry on with your day.

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