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The colour white is associated with light, goodness, and completeness; all of the much-needed qualities that make up a serene, inviting kitchen space.

If you seek an elegant retreat that inspires culinary creativity and allows you to experiment with colour when it comes to decorating, heavy yet careful usage of the colour white could be the answer you’re looking for.

Neutral, white kitchens have been a divisive choice in the past when it comes to renovating, with some critics labelling it ‘safe’ or ‘sterile’. However, this is only the case when you don’t take advantage of the design opportunities that adopting the colour white brings.

Our retail members can create the perfect, cosy space personalised to your individual tastes and needs by layering certain design elements over the white foundations.

Darker Floors 

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For example, a darker floor, using certain shades of wood or patterned tiling, can really bring the room together. The juxtaposition really helps add a certain elegance, highlighting both the functionality and beauty of your kitchen. Thanks to the flexibility of the white, neutral kitchen, this can work for rustic and traditional settings, as well as fresher, more contemporary designs.​


While the colour white embraces the light, it can be quite a cool colour. To add a bit of warmth to the room, you should consider adding metal elements. Whether this is done via your cabinets, chairs, oven or smaller appliances and features such as toasters and knife sets, is up to you.

Using copper, alongside exposed brick or lighter shades of wood can be a brilliant way of maintaining that vintage, countryside style while touching on the modern flair.

Don't Be Afraid to Embrace Darker Tones

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Not a fan of wooden flooring? Don’t worry, you can add a bit of contrast and colour to your kitchen via other avenues. Gray or black undertones help to provide a timeless, lively vibe to your kitchen, therefore furthering its welcoming, innovative and inspiring atmosphere.

Adding a dash of colour to your cabinets or work surfaces is also guaranteed to bring the room alive.


Do you love vibrant trinkets? Are you a fan of art? Well, it’s no coincidence that most museums and galleries are largely white. Draw attention to your favourite paintings, photos or wall art by placing them on the white walls of your new kitchen.

Highlight certain areas of the space by contrasting colourful decorations against the neutral backdrop. Candles and quirky light sources can be a spectacular way to add a bit of romance and harmony when enjoying a meal after a long day at work, or for actually working should you choose to use your kitchen as a secondary office.

Make the First Steps

Remember, neutrality translates to adaptability. One minute your white kitchen is the social hub of your house, the next it’s a peaceful resting place after a tiring day. It’s all about personalisation.

If a classy, elegant kitchen is at the top of your priorities this summer, make the first steps by getting in touch with one of our terrific members. They will help you every step of the way, from the initial designs – whether these entail ensuring your BBQ or get-together is the best this summer, or simply simply transforming your kitchen into a peaceful retreat – to its installation.

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