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Mar '17

Want to spruce up your home in time for those beautiful, long summer months? We have some helpful tips to makeover your master bedroom!

Giving your master bedroom a new, fresh look can help you create the perfect retreat for you and your partner whilst at the same time adding value to your home. We all aspire to have a beautiful bedroom, and there are many factors that inhibit this from happening like money and time for example. Taking on this type of project can be daunting, but at The Kbsa we want to help.

Choosing the right colour scheme

Most of us desire a tranquil, restful bedroom, somewhere relaxing and serene. This is where the colour scheme comes in, this is the most important factor to get your bedroom relaxing! Houzz announced that 25 of the most popular bedroom photos uploaded onto the platform portray a neutral, calming atmosphere. The main colour scheme for relaxation, according to House Beautiful are rich hues and soft pastels lend a calming feeling for bedrooms, especially grey and blue tones.

“A cloudy shade of blue with gray undertones reminds me of the quietness of a rainy day, when you can just curl up in bed and relax. It would turn any room into a refuge. Combine it with more intense shades of gray and blue if you want more of an impact. A salmon or a deep sage would look stunning against it.” Benjamin Moore

Here’s five colours that are perfect for your master bedroom:

  1. Lavender: A chalky purple can be muted and calming
  2. Pale Gray: Helps create a calming and relaxing environment, add in blues and whites to complete the look
  3. Cool Blue: Dreamy blues that remind you of a sun kissed sky or water from the ocean
  4. Grey-blue: A medium to late shade that can make you feel calmer in seconds
  5. Pale Pink: You may think that a dusty shade of pink may not work, you may surprise yourself

From pale pink to cool blue these colours are designed to reduce stress and create a soothing atmosphere. These calming shades should definitely make an appearance on your bedroom walls! These colours will also help you to sleep comfortably, try to avoid bright and bold colours. Click here for further inspiration.

Design layout

It is important to consider every factor when changing your bedroom design, you have to feel comfortable with the layout you have chosen. Consider the furniture layout, whether you have a dresser, nightstand, TV, chairs and a table all of these factors are aspects that you can’t forget about. Remember to leave space either side of your bed, for nightstands and ample circulation so you can access three sides of the mattress.

Increase your light and ventilation

You may take this one for granted but there is nothing better than the natural soft light and cool ventilation in a room. Position your bed in a good sized room which has plenty of windows so you can connect with the outdoors, as this will immediately create a peaceful atmosphere. It can also make your bedroom look bigger, and if you have the space add French doors to your bedroom and this will instantly maximise the visual space.

Storage space

When your remodeling your home it is vital that you use the space you have efficiently, and to make sure that you don’t forget about space! Here are some inspirational storage ideas for you to take away.

When thinking about storage space there are many ways to store items, but if your wondering if it may look cluttered or clunky here’s our answer:

  • Pegs and hooks, a simple solution for hanging scarves or ties to ultimately save on drawer space.
  • Use dressers as bedside tables, if you’ve got limited wall space this is a great idea, it not only looks fabulous but saves space by doubling your storage.
  • Although bureau’s may be deemed as old and clunky they are a good staple piece of furniture that if looked after can store heaps of his and her clothes as well as a place that you can decorate the room onto.
  • A Mondrian-inspired credenza fills out a sitting area and offers tons of cabinet and drawer storage perfect for someone with a big budget!

So, whether you desire additional space in your bedroom or just a different colour scheme, we can help you. Get in touch today for further advice!

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