Space Saving Home Office Ideas 25
Feb '19

Ever found yourself struggling for space in your home office? Or forgetting to complete an important task because the document you needed was buried under a pile of paper? Fed up of squeezing your laptop and folders onto your desk?

A cluttered space is guaranteed to lead to disorganisation, and that is the last thing you need when working from home. Ensure you are making the most of the space you have with these space-saving home office ideas...

Pick your desk carefully

While some people dream of a huge wooden desk with domineering dark wood, that is just not feasible for others. If you are struggling for space in your home office area, think differently when it comes to choosing your desk.

There are a whole range of innovatively designed workspaces which cater for smaller rooms. One ideal solution would be a convertible folding desk that can unfold at the start of your working day and be paced away when you’re finished.

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Rely Less on Paper

Not only is using a lot of paper bad for the environment, but it is also a great source of clutter in a home office. Many of us find ourselves scrambling through documents trying to find the one item we need. Whether your pile of paper is made up of letters, to-do lists, notes or printouts, it’s time to cut down.

See if there are ways around using paper. Ask yourself whether you can change the letter you’re planning on writing into an email. Instead of writing to-do lists every day, why not use a productivity app? Alternatively, if there are sensitive documents you want to get rid of, invest in a shredder and always try to recycle where you can!

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Floor to Ceiling Storage

Regardless of the size of the room you’re working in, one of the biggest areas of free space will be on your walls. If you need more storage then make sure you’re utilising this blank canvas of space. Be sure to ask our expert retail members about the variety of beautifully designed storage units readily available to complement your home office, adding both a functional and aesthetic element.

Your choice of material - metal or wood - and colour will all combine to become characteristic of the room. Features like this can help make your home office a personable space that inspires and motivates you to do great work every day.

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If you are a neat and organised person, you can install an open display cabinet as your feature storage option, and use it to place all of your work items, documents and other decorative objects. Another option would be to combine closed and display cabinets to hide away messy documents while showing off your delightful decor.

Wall Mounted Storage

While you may have a larger cabinet for additional storage, save even more space on your desk with wall mounted storage. Memo and cork boards are an excellent way of having your essential information and reminders at hand without causing unnecessary clutter.

Set up a white or blackboard alongside your storage and watch your creative streak flourishes from your neat and tidy desk.

A recent great trend for wall mounted storage came in the form of pegboards. These are versatile alternatives to the traditional memo and cork boards. Simply put the pegs wherever you like to create customisable storage for all of your office items. Create a shelf or make a moveable gallery - the choice is yours!

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Tidy, Tidy, Tidy!

When you only have a small space to work in, clutter has a huge impact on your usable space. From documents to cables and wires, try to make your room as neat as you can. Use wire organiser clips to avoid messy looking cables from making your desk appear hectic and untidy.

When organising the cables under your desk, use small labels to name what each cable is for. This makes it much easier for you in the future if you ever need to change or move one without hassle.

Your Home Office

Whichever space-saving storage or furniture you go for, make sure you consider both function and aesthetic design. Your home office is an important personal space which needs to be designed in a way that inspires you to do your best work.

If you are considering a bespoke home office, Kbsa-approved retailers will design a space tailored entirely to your wants and needs. Take a look at our image gallery or find your nearest retailers now!

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