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Discover how to transform your bedroom from a winter retreat to a summer sensation with the Kbsa's bedroom design ideas.

Flowers are blooming, the days are getting lighter, and the weather is getting warmer. That’s right, summer is almost here! Discover how to transform your bedroom from a winter retreat to a summer sensation with the Kbsa.

The bedroom is where we start and end our days. It needs to serve as your very own sanctuary, but it’s important your bedroom matches the current trends and practicalities that come with a new season.

Let there be light – how to maximise natural light in your bedroom

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Summer is when the sun finally comes out to play, so why not make the most of it? After the dark winter mornings and evenings, you can finally absorb the glorious, brighter days when it gets to summer, providing you have the right bedroom design, of course.

Natural light serves as a cue for our internal body clock, something we need to maintain in order to achieve a perfect night’s sleep in our bedrooms. In fact, sunlight can benefit various aspects of our lives, including alertness, mood and productivity.

Follow these techniques to amplify the amount of natural light in your summer bedroom:

  1. Windows – make the most of any windows your bedroom currently has by using them to emphasise the focal points of your interior design. If you love waking up to the sunrise, why not rearrange your furniture so that your bed faces your window(s)?

    The more windows you have, the more natural sunlight your summer bedroom will receive. If you seek more windows but are struggling to find a practical solution to installing them, you could try solar tubes, which make use of reflective pipes to instil more external lighting into a room.
  2. Mirrors – if you’re looking for a budget-friendly means of letting in natural light while making your bedroom appear larger, mirrors are an ideal solution. Try and install a mirror opposite a window as this will double the amount of sunlight in your summer bedroom.
  3. Shiny and clear furniture – fill your bedroom with shiny and transparent furniture and decorative objects to create a similar effect as that of a mirror. The likes of glass table tops and shiny tiles, along with anything white, will make your bedroom appear vibrant and naturally lighter.
  4. Trim anything blocking natural light – It’s worth trimming any bushes or trees in your garden that are blocking the sunlight from getting to your bedroom. This also applies to any large furniture, such as a tall wardrobe, that currently sits in front of your window.

Artificial light for summer bedrooms

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In the summer, artificial light is not as crucial, but it should not be ignored in terms of its importance in the overall design of your bedroom.

Warm yet soft lighting can do wonders for your summer bedroom. Avoid bright, white, naked lights as these can reduce the calming nature of your room, as well as have a negative effect on your health and mood.

Summer 2018 Colour Trends

Colour will play a key part in the overall design, atmosphere and mood of your summer bedroom. Explore these 2018 summer colours and find your perfect shade today!

Ice Cream Colours – A growing trend in interior architecture and fashion this year, gelato colours could be a tremendous addition to your summer bedroom. What says summer more than ice cream, after all?

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Bold yet soft, ice cream colours such as pinks, lilacs and vanillas, complement each other wonderfully, meaning you’ll never have to stick with one shade for your summer bedroom.

Sage – You may prefer to go for a more neutral and adaptable shade when it comes to your summer bedroom. In which case, sage can be a great alternative to the white, beige and stone bedrooms we’ve come to expect in most households.

A muted grey, paired with a wood texture and pastel tones such as greys and greens can create the perfect aesthetic for your new bedroom.

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Bright Colours – Interior designers predict another strong year for bold colours such as burnt orange, forest greens and peacock blue. If you’re looking to make a statement or draw attention to a particular wall or piece of furniture, these are the summer bedroom colours to opt for.

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Summer bedroom decorating ideas

A strong 2018 trend has been the blurred boundaries effect, which blends the wonders of the outside with the interior of your home. This means we are seeing a lot more plants and natural materials in summer bedrooms, creating the effect of the indoors seamlessly meeting the outdoors.

Plants can have a brilliant effect on productivity and mood, and this reconnection with nature creates an illusion of space. Tropical prints, such as the one displayed below, also fit in with this popular trend.

Temperature will have a role to play in terms of the decoration of your summer bedroom. Anticipate the arrival of warmer weather by replacing thick and cosy throws with decorative, vibrant cushions in order to give your bedroom a summery atmosphere.

Seek further advice for your summer bedroom

The greatest ideas come from conversations and discussions with expert designers. Our retail members can give you the very best in terms of bedroom design ideas and installations. Find your nearest Kbsa member today!

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