The Kbsa - Promoting Excellence For 40 Years 20
Jun '18

This year, the Kbsa turns 40. Learn how the association has been setting the standards and promoting excellence in the kitchen industry since 1978.

The association was created with a simple message “setting the standards” and this still remains true today, 40 years on.

Whilst the original focus in 1978 was deposit protection because of the market conditions, the Kbsa (then KSA) badge offered consumers a means of identifying a reputable retailer.

Deposit protection is no longer the main focus, members can still opt to offer insurance if they wish but the badge remains important and is displayed with pride by those members that meet the exacting standards.

In 2010 the KSA expanded its membership to include bathrooms as well as kitchens and now encompasses members that offer bedrooms too.

The Kbsa website was launched 1998 and has been developed and expanded to provide an invaluable resource for everyone considering investing in a new kitchen, bathroom and bedroom for their home.

The Designer Awards started in 2012 as a means of recognising and rewarding design excellence, showcasing the outstanding design skills of members.

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An important element of the success for the Kbsa has been the support from corporate members.  Corporate members supply a vast selection of quality products to Kbsa retailers, building a strong relationship that the consumer can rely on.  Consumers can also research corporate member products from the Kbsa website.

There is no other association that has been established for so long that offers the consumer so much practical advice and support when embarking on their home improvement journey.

Kbsa national chair Richard Hibbert says, “It is a privilege to be part of the Kbsa team during this special year.  Whilst the market has changed over the last 40 years, the Kbsa’s commitment to promoting quality and providing the consumer with the confidence they need to buy from a reputable independent retailer remains.”

Here’s to the next 40 years.

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