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May '17

Rising property prices and the increasingly stressful process of moving has resulted in more people renovating and moulding their current house into their perfect home, adding serious value to their property in the process.

So, if adding value is your primary focus, what are the areas or specific improvements you should focus on?

Loft Conversion 

The number of bedrooms is a widely regarded, straightforward indicator of value for a property, therefore loft conversions have proved to be extremely popular in recent years, particularly for those about to introduce an extra family member to their home.

Nationwide state these types of renovations add an average of 21% to a home’s value.

Increasing space without huge costs, hassle and, in most cases, planning permission (providing it has a minimal external impact and does not fall under the Party Wall Act), is a great benefit of loft conversions.

While an elegant solution to a lack of space, it’s important you pick a plan that suits the structure, shape and lighting in your loft. Make the most of an improved view of the neighbourhood and an opportunity to channel and boost the amount of daylight your house absorbs.

Seeking something different with your loft conversion? Fed up of waiting in line for your morning shower, or need a safe haven from the hectic nature of family life? An extra bathroom or home office are both great alternatives if another bedroom is not high on your priorities.

Things to consider:

•    Head height

•    Type of roof structure

•    Windows

•    Stairs to loft

Extra Bathroom 

There is arguably no better a place to add a bit of luxury than the bathroom. From stylish sinks to graceful, opulent bathtubs, you can really boost the wow factor of your home here.

Adding around 6% extra value to your property, as well as enhancing your daily life, it’s no wonder bathrooms are such a popular area of home improvement.

20 years ago, 93% of homes had just the one bathroom. As little as seven years later (in 2003), one in every five had at least two, while 10% of new homes were being built with three or more.

The general rule of thumb is to have at least one bathroom to every three bedrooms. This has been made easier with the flexibility of modern shower enclosures, in that you can pretty much place them anywhere.

In regards to space, most homes have room for another bathroom, whether it be at the end of an untraveled hallway, under a staircase, or an ensuite that adopts some of the space from a larger bedroom. You could even convert a walk-in closet.

In order to cut costs, you may want to consider placing any new bathrooms near existing water lines. Another useful tip is to have any doors swing outwards, to ensure maximum space.

Things to consider:

•    Where the bathroom will be

•    What space to sacrifice

•    Where are your current water lines?

New Kitchen

The heart of every home and the starting point of many renovations, kitchens can add an average of 5.8% extra value.

When making improvements to your kitchen, ask yourself why you have embarked on this project: what elements would benefit most from an upgrade? Focus on any fixes that need doing, such as a faulty tap or broken appliance.

Think back to when you were looking for a new home; more often than not, it’s the kitchen that sticks in your mind having been shown around a property, thus demonstrating this room’s potential impact.

If the resale value is the motivation behind your renovation, try to avoid bold colour palettes and designs.

It’s essential that you take into consideration the style and age of the property as a whole to ensure your kitchen does not unintentionally stand out or look out of place. For example, a really modern, metallic design would not blend well with a rustic, traditional home.

Be innovative with space through hidden cupboards and storage, and look out for the latest technology and appliances to ensure an effective, efficient culinary area.

Most importantly, create a kitchen that you are proud of. This is your chance to turn what was once a functional, run-of-the-mill area of your home into an absolute showpiece.

Things to consider:

What needs fixing/improving?

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